Blum Has Three Offers On the Table

Walnut high school in Walnut, Iowa is the home of tight end Tyler Blum. The 6-6, 240 pound Blum is starting to garner attention from schools around the country. Is Notre Dame interested in Blum? Is he interested in Notre Dame? Irish Eyes found out.

Tyler Blum put up impressive numbers on both sides of the ball as a junior. As a tight end, he caught 33 passes for 365 yards and 9 touchdowns. Playing defensive end he recorded 50 tackles, 19 of them for a loss.

Being able to put up those kind of numbers on either side of the ball, does Blum have a preferred position? "No, not really," said Blum. "It doesn't matter if I play offense or defense. I'm open to either one."

Blum said that he already has three offers on the table. "Iowa, Iowa State, and Kansas have already given me offers," said Blum. "Notre Dame and Nebraska are recruiting me pretty heavily, too."

Blum has had a lot of visitors to his school lately. "Iowa, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Notre Dame, and UCLA are some of the schools that have been by to see me," said Blum.

We asked Blum if he's interested in Notre Dame. "Yes, I am. I watched them a lot when I was growing up. Also, the awe that surrounds the program is impressive."

Has Notre Dame said anything about a potential offer? "No, not yet. They have said that they are very interested, but they haven't offered."

Blum doesn't plan on attending any summer camps; instead he'll be making unofficial visits to schools. "I plan on taking as many as I can fit into my schedule. I play baseball during the summer (he's a pitcher and third baseman), so I'll have to schedule it around that."

What are some of the schools on his unofficial list? "I hope to try to make it to Iowa, Iowa State, Nebraska, Notre Dame and Kansas. Maybe some more, we'll see."

Does Blum plan on making an early decision? "I'd like to decide before my season starts. However, if I feel that I'm not ready, then I'll wait," said Blum. "If it becomes too big of a distraction, though, I'll make a decision."

What is Blum looking for in a school? "The coaching staff is very important. The athletic atmosphere is important, also. Location will play a small factor. That's something I'll have to decide on. Academics are important, too."

We asked Blum if he has any favorites. "I'm kind of open right now. The schools that are talking to me the most and are recruiting me the hardest are the ones I'm interested in."

Do his parents have a preference? "No, they're not putting any pressure me. They just want to make sure that I make good choices, but they don't favor any particular school."

Blum is looking good in the classroom with a self reported 3.7 GPA and a 24 on the ACT.

Comments: The Irish seem interested in Blum, but have not yet offered. If Notre Dame offers Blum, then they should be in the running until the end. However, they'll need to continue to show him interest, if not, Blum will focus on the schools that do. Well let you know how this plays out. Top Stories