Talley Can't Wait To Get to South Bend

Detroit, Mich. defensive lineman and current Irish recruit Ronald Talley just graduated from high school on Monday and now all his focus is on Irish football. The 6-4, 250-pound defensive end says he'll be in South Bend soon, but it won't be soon enough.

Ronald Talley accomplished one of his recent goals already. "I just graduated on Monday," said Talley. "That felt great. I was really excited to get that over with and that's just one more chapter to close the book on."

Now, Talley's focus turns solely to football. "I'm coming up there on June 20th," said Talley. "I wish I was there now. I'm going to work out with the team all summer. I'll be there the whole time. I want to get an early start so I have a chance to play early there."

Talley got a taste of Irish football when he came down to watch the Irish spring game this past April. "I saw those gold helmets, that made me want to get out and play right there," said Talley. "I thought the team played really hard. It was hard to just sit and watch. I wanted to get out on the field and mix it up."

The Detroit native says he think he has a chance to contribute early. "I think I can come in and help. I know the competition is real high, but I think I can come in and compete. I talked to coach Mattison and coach Willingham while I was down there. It's going to be great playing for those two. We just talked about the defense and what they expect me to do. I'm really excited to get started."

Talley will have to leave his Mom behind and he and his mother have a very close bond. "We've always been close," said Talley of his Mom. "She's proud of me. She wants me to leave. She told me I could worry about her and sit on the bench, or I could get down there and handle my business and we could talk on the phone."

While he's excited about football, Talley's not so sure he wants to jump right back into school. "I'm all excited about the football. I'm not ready for school to start again. I'm enjoying not having to go to school. I've got the countdown on the calendar going. It's not too long now."

I have no idea if Talley will ever play a down of football for Notre Dame, but he's going to be a great teammate. You can't help but smile when talking to Talley. I hope he has a great career at Notre Dame. He's already an Irish Eyes favorite.

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