Hoskins Reporting Early

Grand Rapids, Mich. running back and current Irish commitment Justin Hoskins has had a busy spring. Track has kept Hoskins busy, but now he's all about football. We spoke with Hoskins to find out his summer plans.

Justin Hoskins has been a busy many lately. "We just had the state meet," said Hoskins. "I broke the state meet record in the long jump. I jumped 23'5" there. I actually jumped 23'11", but they said I scratched, which I didn't. I hit the board perfectly."

Hoskins had been a sprinter as well, but didn't run the sprints in the state meet. "I qualified to run them easily," Hoskins said. "It messes up my long jump, though. Last year, I'd run a prelim and then have to go jump right away. Then I'd have to go back and run again. It made it hard for me to do well in either so I just decided to long jump instead."

With track over, Hoskins says it's football full time. "I really haven't had the chance to really lift until now," said Hoskins. Now I'll be working out every day trying to get ready. I've got the workout and I'm doing that now."

Hoskins says he still a man without a position or a number. "I talk to coach Denbrock through e-mail a lot," Justin said. "He said I'm coming in as an athlete. I could play a running back, slot receiver, corner and kick returner. I really don't care where I play as long as I get on the field. I've played all those positions before so it doesn't matter to me."

As for the number. "I really don't know," he said. "I'm hoping, praying they give me No. 3. I've always been No. 3 so we'll have to see on that."

Hoskins did say he'd be up at Notre Dame early. "I know I'm going to work out with the team and do the seven-on-seven stuff," Hoskins said. "I think that is around July 4th that I go up there. I'll be working out with the team all summer.

Leaving home won't be a problem for Hoskins. "I'll miss my family, but I don't like Grand Rapids," said Hoskins. "I won't miss this place."

Will Hoskins be leaving behind a girlfriend? "No, I haven't had a girlfriend since the 10th grade," he said. "I don't need the hassle."

Comments: Sounds likes it's up in the air where Hoskins starts out. I hope he at least gets a shot at running back because I love to watch him run. I'm looking forward to watching Hoskins play. I think he'll get on the field early if he plays on offense. He was a linebacker in high school so I can't really comment on how he'd do at corner, although he'd be a pretty nasty corner as he loves to hit.

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