Stull Up to Eight Offers

Pittsburgh, Pa. is home to quarterback Bill Stull. The 6-3, 195-pound signal caller already has logged eight offers in the early recruiting season. A number of other schools remain interested in Stull. Are the Irish interested? Is Stull interested in Notre Dame? Where does he plan to camp this summer? We spoke with Stull to find out the answers to these questions and more.

Quarterback Bill Stull had an impressive junior season. "I only played in nine games," said Stull. "I was 154-256, for 2,262 yards and 22 touchdowns."

His film is impressive and a number of college coaches agree with us. "I have offers from Kentucky, Akron, North Carolina, Duke, Indiana, Bowling Green, Miami of Ohio and Wisconsin right now," Stull said. "A bunch of other schools called me."

Stull says he plans to visit a lot of schools this summer before he narrows down his list. "I plan to go see all the schools that have offered me," said Stull. "I'll also probably go to a lot of one-day camps this summer."

We asked Stull which schools he planned to camp at. "I'm not really sure," he said. "My Dad and my coach and I are working out my schedule right now. Definitely Notre Dame, but I'm not sure when. Ole Miss, Ohio State, Kentucky and Michigan State are some others I'll probably stop by."

Is Stull interested in Notre Dame? "Definitely," he said. "It's Notre Dame. That's all you have to say. I didn't receive a phone call from them, but they stopped by the school."

Stull isn't sure when he plans to make a decision at this point. "I really don't know when I'll decide," said Stull. "I might want to wait, but if something seems perfect, I'll go with my instincts."

Does Stull have any favorites right now? "I'd say Ole Miss, Ohio State, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh and North Carolina," Stull said.

We also asked Stull if he has qualified at this point. "I think my core is a 2.7," he said. "I know my overall g.p.a was a 3.0 at the end of this semester. I took the test on June 5th so I'm waiting for the results from that."

Comments: The Irish appear to be very much in the race for Stull. He might end up camping at Notre Dame at this point. Stull seems wide open at this point and not leaning to any one particular school. His travels this summer should give us a better idea where the Irish stand. We'll check back with him soon to see if he plans to camp at Notre Dame. Top Stories