Brown Preparing For College

Current Irish recruit Justin Brown has graduated from high school, and now turns his attention to the future. Brown said he's thrilled to be finished with high school and anxious to get started with his college career. What has Brown been up to since signing his letter of intent to attend Notre Dame?

Justin Brown said he's thrilled to be done with high school. "I graduated on May 28th," said Brown. "It feels great. We had a nice cook out with the family afterwards. I'm just happy to have that over with."

Brown said he didn't participate in any spring sports. "I didn't run track or anything," said Brown. "I've just been working out with my personal trainer doing the workout that Notre Dame gave me. That's really all I've been doing."

At this point, Brown says he's still not certain where he'll play in college. "I'm not sure if I'll end up at outside linebacker or defensive end," said Brown. "I know they wanted me to get my weight up. I'm up to 228 right now. I hope to be around 235 when I report."

Brown says he hasn't had much contact with the Irish coaches since he signed his letter of intent. "I haven't spoken to them much," Brown said. "Coach Simmons stopped by my school this spring. That's been about it though."

Brown says that he'll have a busy summer working. "I had planned to go to Notre Dame early, but I've changed my mind. I think I'm going to stay around here and get a job so I can have some spending money when I'm there. I'll just keep on working out here to get ready."

Does Brown have any goals for his freshman year? "Well, I guess just see where I stand. I haven't been playing long so I don't know what to expect. I'll have to see where they want me to play and just get after it."

It should be an interesting story following Brown through his college career. He is known as a raw, gifted athlete with a lot of potential. Hopefully the Irish coaching staff can help him realize his potential. Top Stories