Barnes Uncertain on Camp Plans

Los Alamitos, Calif. quarterback prospect Jimmy Barnes has seen his stock take off this spring. The 6-5, 225-pound Barnes is getting a lot of attention from top schools across the country. He'll be camping at Alabama this week. We spoke with Barnes to get his summer plans. Will he be camping at Notre Dame?

Jimmy Barnes said he'll be heading to Alabama for camp this week. "I leave on Thursday and come back on Sunday," said Barnes. "I'm only camping there for the day, but I want to get a feel for the place while I'm there so we'll check out a bunch of things."

As for now, the Alabama camp is the only camp Barnes is certain he'll attend. "I might go to the Notre Dame camp and the North Carolina camp," said Barnes. "I'll decide that in the next couple of days."

Barnes says he's up to 10 offers at this point, but who has offered remains a mystery. "I have 10 offers now. We've been keeping that quiet because we think it can hurt to release that information."

Notre Dame is one school he remains interested in. "I talk to them quite a bit," said Barnes of the Notre Dame coaches. "They've told me that it's basically me and two other guys. I feel honored to be one of those guys. I have a very high interest in Notre Dame. I've been there for camp. It feels very comfortable for me. My uncle went there and two of my cousins. I have family there so it would be very comfortable for me there."

We asked Barnes when he plans to make a decision. "Hopefully by the end of the summer," he said. "I'll see how it goes and I'll just wait until it feels right."

Barnes said he knows what he'll be looking for in a school and team. "I think how well I get a lot with the coaching staff will be important. How well they are doing will also be important. Also a chance to play will be important."

Does Barnes have any leaders at this point? "I have a top five," he said. "Notre Dame, Alabama, Miami, North Carolina State, Colorado State and Arizona. That's six I guess so I have a top six."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape for Barnes. We don't know at this point if he's going to camp for certain, but I bet he ends up making it. Jimmy did say he'd e-mail me when he knew for sure what his plans were. At any rate, Barnes appears to be very high on the ND wish list. Top Stories