Coleman Set to Camp at Notre Dame

San Bernardino, Calif. quarterback Michael Coleman has set his summer plans. The 6-2, 220-pound Coleman will hit three camps this summer. Notre Dame will be one place on the schedule for Coleman. We spoke with Coleman to find out the latest on his recruiting.

Michael Coleman says he's set his summer plans. "I'm leaving for Notre Dame on Wednesday," said Coleman. "I'm also camping at Utah and USC."

Utah, Washington and Washington State are a few of the schools that have already offered Coleman. "Most schools are recruiting me as a quarterback," said Coleman. "USC is the only school not recruiting me as a quarterback."

Blessed with 4.5 speed, many have speculated that Coleman might switch positions in college. Coleman said he's not ready to give up lining up under center. "I want to play quarterback," said Coleman. "That's where I think I'll play my best in college."

Notre Dame is a school that Coleman has a lot of interest in. "I like Notre Dame quite a bit," said Coleman. "I like their tradition there and that they are on TV every week. They have good academics, and I like the coaches there."

Coleman says he won't be making a decision any times soon. "I'll decide sometime after my season," he said. "Academics will be important to me. I'll look at how many quarterbacks they have and how many they are taking. A good supporting cast will also be important."

Coleman is also a solid student with a 3.5 in his core. He said he should be getting the results from his test any day now.

Comments: Coleman will be one of a number of quarterbacks attending Notre Dame camp. He wants a shot a quarterback, and we've heard he's a solid prospect at quarterback. We'll check back after to camp to see how things went for Coleman. Top Stories