Deska Returns From Notre Dame Camp

Orlando, Fla. defensive end Brendan Deska has returned from Notre Dame camp. We spoke with the 6-3, 230-pound Deska to get his thought on Irish camp, Notre Dame, and his recruiting situation. What did Deska think of Notre Dame?

Brendan Deska enjoyed his camp experience at Notre Dame. "I think I learned a lot," said Deska. "I spoke with coach Mattison. He said I did real well at their camp, and he'd be in touch with me."

The Irish did not offer Deska when he was there, however. "We really didn't talk about an offer," said Deska. "We mainly talked about Notre Dame and the team. I should hear something from them soon."

The Notre Dame campus really stood out to Brendan. "I liked the campus a lot," he said. "It's a beautiful place. It's a great school with a lot of tradition. I could see myself being comfortable there."

Deska also says he thought he performed real well at Notre Dame camp. "I thought I did pretty well. it wasn't a contact camp so you can't really show a whole lot, but I thought I did well."

Deska also said there wasn't too many talented offensive linemen he had to face. "They only really had one big kid there," Deska said. "Nobody gave me any trouble there."

We asked Deska if anyone there impressed him or if he heard of anyone committing. "They had a quarterback there who was talented. I'm not sure if anyone committed," said Deska. "He was really good. I don't remember his name. They had a couple of other guys there as well."

Deska now plans to visit California next. "I'm heading to California to see Stanfor next," said Deska. "I'll probably decide early. I have offers from basically everyone I'm interested in. Notre Dame and Georgia are the two I'm waiting on."

Besides Notre Dame and Georgia, we asked Deska which other teams he liked at this point. "I'd said Boston College, Northwestern and Wake Forest."

Comments: We should know fairly soon what the Irish plan to do with Deska. He seemed very interested in Notre Dame. He'll make an early decision so the Irish coaches will have to make a decision fairly soon if they want him. We'll check back in a few weeks with Brendan to see what has happened. Top Stories