Sanchez Returns From Midwest Trip

<P>Quarterback Mark Sanchez has returned from his recent Midwest trip and Irish Eyes spoke with his father (Nick) to find out what Sanchez thought of both Ohio State and Notre Dame. Was Sanchez impressed with Notre Dame?

Nick Sanchez said his son Mark was very impressed on his recent visit to Notre Dame. "The trip went very well," said Nick. "They were all very gracious and made our stay a great experience. They went out of their way to make us feel comfortable, and it appears it's a great opportunity for Mark."

We asked Nick to tell us what Mark thought of the visit to Notre Dame. "He was really excited," said Nick. "It was beyond his wildest dreams. I think he was overwhelmed by the immensity of Notre Dame. All those traditions you only read about or see on TV came to life. He really enjoyed it out there."

Did the Irish offer Mark? "No, they did not, technically," said Nick Sanchez. "Let's just say his visit was fruitful and everything we'd hoped it would be."

Mark and Nick also visited Ohio State and Nick said they both came away impressed with Ohio State. "It was kind of the same thing," said Nick. "Ohio State is great school. They also have great tradition. They also made us feel very comfortable. They did a great job and it showed."

We asked Nick if Mark was any closer to making a decision. "I'd be lying if I said I knew," said Nick. "The ball is pretty much in his court. We need to sit down as a family and make the decision. It will be Mark's decision, but will give him any guidance he needs.

"I have no idea when we'll do that. I'm not sure he'll make any more visits because he's playing basketball now, and summer football just started today. He might not have the time to make any more visits this summer. If anything, he's probably more confused than before we went out there so I don't know when he'll decide."

Comments: We'll follow up with Mark today to get his thoughts on the visit. Thanks again to Nick for filling us in while we try to reach Mark. At any rate, it appears the Irish are in the mix. It appears the Irish coaches did an excellent job of presenting the opportunity. We'll have to wait and see how it turns out. Top Stories