Sherer Picking Up Impressive Offers

Arcadia, Ind. quarterback prospect Dustin Sherer is starting to become a top prospect in the Midwest. The 6-4, 205-pound Sherer has been performing well at recent camps, and picking up offers along the way. A number of schools are still on the docket for Sherer to visit. Where will Sherer be heading to next?

Dustin Sherer had an impressive junior season. "I threw for 2,261 yards," said Sherer. "I also think I threw 17 touchdowns and ran for nine. I don't know my completion stats off the top of my head."

Sherer has been hitting the road recently attending camps and receiving offers along the way. "I have offers from Indiana, Iowa, Illinois, U. Conn, Ball State, Bowling Green and Western Michigan right now," said Sherer. "I just got back from Illinois camp. I've already been to Purdue's camp. I'm going to Michigan and Michigan State this week. I'm also attending camps at Ohio State, Wisconsin and Notre Dame."

Notre Dame is recruiting Sherer pretty heavily. "They send me a lot of stuff. I think they are recruiting me pretty hard," Sherer said. "I think I'm one of their top guys. I like Notre Dame. I like their tradition there, and I like the offense they run."

Despite liking Notre Dame, Sherer grew up a Purdue fan. "I've always like Purdue," he said. "They told me they only have 12 scholarships to give so they're waiting a bit before they offer. They said they'd let me know next Monday after all their 1-day camps."

Sherer is hoping to make an early decision. "I want to get my decision out of the way before my season starts. I'm not sure that will happen. We'll see how it works out after I attend these camps."

Sherer also gets it done in the classroom with a self-reported 3.4 g.p.a. He said he has yet to take the test, but will do so shortly.

Comments: Sherer is another quarterback to keep an eye on that will be attending camp. He impressed us at the Adidas camp held at Notre Dame earlier this summer with a big, strong arm and excellent mobility. We'll follow up with Dustin after he attends his camps to find out where the Irish stand with him. Top Stories