Nickerson Up to 11 Offers

Irving, Texas native Brent Nickerson already has offers coming in from around the country. The 6-1, 170-pound cornerback with 4.4 speed already has eleven offers on the table. Is Notre Dame one of those schools? Irish Eyes found out.

Macarthur high school corner Brent Nickerson made people take notice with the numbers he put up his junior season. He recorded 44 tackles, three interceptions, recovered two fumbles, and broke up eight passes.

With those kind of stats, it is no surprise that he already has eleven offers. "Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Georgia Tech, Duke, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Texas Tech, Houston, Tulsa, UCLA, and Arizona State have already given me offers," said Nickerson.

When did Notre Dame offer? "They offered me at the end of April," he said. "April 30th to be exact."

Does Nickerson have any interest in the Irish? "Yes, sir, I'm very interested in Notre Dame," he said. "The atmosphere, their stadium, and the area the school is located are the things that interest me the most."

Nickerson plans on visiting Notre Dame this summer, "I'm coming up for a visit later this summer. I'll be there July 15th and 16th," said Nickerson.

What is Nickerson looking for in a school? "A good academic program; a place where I can graduate," he said. "I want to go to a school where I feel comfortable around the coaches. I also want a chance to win the national championship, that's important."

Would distance from home be a problem? "No, sir, not at all," he said.

An early decision could be on the way for Nickerson. "I want to make my decision by mid-season. I would like to get it over by then," Nickerson said.

Brent did give us a list of his current favorites. "In random order: Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Georgia Tech, UCLA, Arizona State, and Tulsa," he said.

Nickerson said that he is in the top 10 percent of his class and scored an 880 on the SAT.

Comments: Notre Dame is definitely in the running for Nickerson. The Irish were the first team to offer him and with his size and speed, it's easy to see why. If everything goes well on his trip to Notre Dame in July, the Irish could jump to number one on his list. Irish Eyes will check back and let you know how it went. Top Stories