15 offers and Counting for Sheil

Clifton, Virg. native Patrick Sheil has already landed an impressive 15 offers with his latest coming from the Georgia Bulldogs. Sheil is hoping that's not the end of his offers, and is hoping to land one from Notre Dame in the near future. What's the latest on Sheil?

At 6-6, 285-pounds, Patrick Sheil is a big and wanted man. "I have 15 offers already," said Sheil. Georgia is my most recent. Virginia, Virginia Tech, Maryland, Syracuse, Wake Forest, Army, Boston College, Miami, Florida, Oklahoma, Rutgers, Michigan State, Clemson and Nebraska have also offered me."

Sheil has also been hitting the road and visiting schools recently. "I'm going to Boston College in a few days," said Sheil. "I've already been to Virginia and Virginia Tech. I've been to Maryland. I just went to Georgia, and that was awesome. I really don't have any more plans after that."

The Irish appear to be recruiting Sheil, but so far he hasn't received an offer. "I get a lot of letters from them," said Sheil. "I'm keeping in touch with Greg Mattison by e-mail. So far they haven't offered me. They haven't said one is coming yet, either."

Sheil makes not bones about the fact that he'd like and Irish offer. "I grew up loving Notre Dame," said Sheil. "I'm all Irish. My family is 100 percent Irish and live in New York. So far it hasn't happened, but maybe that could change."

Sheil says he's in the process of narrowing things down before making an early decision. "I want to get it down to a small number of schools soon," said Sheil. "It can kind of get to be a pain in the butt. I'm getting pretty close to narrowing it down, but I'm hoping to get a look from a few schools before doing that. I'll probably make an early decision. Sometime before my senior season."

We asked Sheil what college coaches have been telling him they like about his play. "Most say the same thing," he said. "They say I'm big, athletic, and I have good mobility. My feet are what stands out to them. They are all saying left tackle which is great. That's where the money is, you know."

Sheil also has a self-reported 3.1 in his core and has scored a 980 on his SAT.

Comments: I have no question in my mind that if Notre Dame offered Sheil, they'd jump right out to the front and become one of his top schools. The Irish are aware of him so we'll wait and see what happens. They'll have to throw their hat in the ring soon with an offer to stay in the hunt for his signature.

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