Barnes Uncertain on Notre Dame Camp Plans

Los Alamitos, Calif. quarterback prospect Jimmy Barnes recently returned from an unofficial visit to Alabama. He has been thinking about attending Notre Dame camp as well. Will Barnes be camping at Notre Dame? What did he think of Alabama? When will he make his decision?

Jimmy Barnes recently returned from Alabama. "Alabama was great," said Barnes. "I really liked it a lot there. We were there from Thursday to Sunday. We spent a lot of time talking to the coaches and seeing the campus. I liked it a lot there."

Reports were that Barnes was close to committing to Alabama. "I'm still checking out my options. I need to check out everything before I decide," Barnes said.

Does he still plan to camp at Notre Dame? "I really don't know yet," said Barnes. "I haven't decided yet. I'll probably decide in the next couple of days on that."

We asked Barnes if he planned to attend any other camps or schools this summer. "If I attend any camps, it will be Notre Dame," said Barnes. "I don't think I'll go on any unofficial visits. I'm going to kind of wait and see what happens. I don't want to pass up any good opportunities. I'll know if I'm going to camp at Notre Dame in a few days."

Comments: Barnes remains uncommitted on his camp plans for Notre Dame. We assume he'll end up camping at Notre Dame. It's obvious Alabama impressed him, but if he were certain on Alabama, he'd just commit. We'll check back in a few days and see if Barnes will camp at Notre Dame. Top Stories