Stull Scheduled For Irish Visit

Pittsburgh, Pa. quarterback Bill Stull recently returned from Pittsburgh's 7-on-7 camp and has Notre Dame slated for his next visit. Irish Eyes caught up with Stull to get the latest on his summer plans and his recruitment.

Bill Stull said his team performed very well at the recent Pitt 7-on-7 camp. "Our team did really well," said Stull. "There were four different brackets, and our team won our bracket. I just played 11 games so my arm is pretty tired."

Stull says he thought he threw pretty well. "I thought I did pretty good," said Stull. "My team did real well though."

The next stop will be Notre Dame according to Stull. "We plan on going there on Wednesday," he said. "I don't think I'll throw because my arm is tired. That is the plan though."

Stull says he's hoping the Irish show some interest. "I really haven't spoken to them yet. I'm hoping they are interested. That's why we are going down there," he said.

Stull is sitting with nine offers so far. "I didn't get a chance to speak with the Pitt coaches so I don't know what they are going to do," said Stull. "I have offers from Kentucky, Akron, North Carolina, Duke, Bowling Green, Miami of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin and Central Michigan.

Comments: It sounds like Stull will make the trip to Notre Dame at this point. We'll follow up with a call and see how his visit went. He seems pretty interested in Notre Dame at this point. Top Stories