Bruton Set For Irish Camp

Ohio defensive back David Bruton has been a very busy man latey. Bruton has already attended four camps thus far this summer with Notre Dame slated as his final camp appearance. We spoke with Bruton to find out the latest on his camp performances and his thoughts heading into Notre Dame's camp.

David Bruton has been a very busy guy lately. "I've been to Purdue camp, Pitt camp, Michigan camp, and I just attended Ohio State today. I'll be at Notre Dame on Tuesday for their 1-day camp," said Bruton.

We like Bruton because he's brutally honest. "I did real well at the Purdue camp, but I wasn't happy with my 40 time. I did terrible at the Pitt camp—I'm not sure what happened there," said Bruton. "I did real well at the Michigan camp. I won the smoke out there with a 4.41. I think I did real well at Ohio State today, too. I ran well, I did well in 1-on-1 and in all the drills."

The Michigan experience was fun for Bruton. "I had good fun there," said Bruton. "They had so many DBs. I'd never seen that many DBs before in my life. It was fun to win the smoke out. They said they think I might grow into an outside linebacker. Pitt probably has the best facilities I've seen so far."

Now Bruton plays the waiting game. "I'm supposed to call Purdue tonight to find out if they offer. Coach Herman (Michigan) said he'd call my coach tomorrow and let him know if I get an offer. Ohio State said I'd know by the end of the week."

The Irish have been at the top of Bruton's list for a while. We asked David if that were still the case. "No team has jumped out ahead of them," said Bruton. "I'm just getting impatient. They told me that I'd know after camp what they plan to do, but I still need my test scores back. I took that June 12th so I should know something on that real soon. Coach Denbrock said I should know something real soon."

Comments: Bruton should find out where he stands with a number of schools shortly, including Notre Dame. The Irish have been out in front for a while and an offer just might seal the deal for Notre Dame and Bruton. We'll check back shortly after camp to find out Bruton's thoughts on his camp experience. Top Stories