Irish Lead for TX Corner

Irisheyes confirmed TX cornerback Cofie Asare is attending camp at Notre Dame this week. In fact, when IE contacted Asare, unknown to us, he was already in South Bend taking in the sights. Asare had quite a few early observations about Notre Dame and seemed excited to share them with us.

Cofie Asare finished his junior season for Mansfield Summit HS (Arlington TX) with 34 tackles, eight tackles for loss, three fumbles caused, one sack one fumble recovery. So far he's been hearing from a host of schools including Iowa, Colorado State, Arkansas and Texas A&M. However, one school sticks out more than others. It also just happened to be a school that Asare was visiting when IE contacted him last night. "Notre Dame is my leader right now" said Asare. "I like their combination of academics and athletics."

When asked if he planned on camping in South Bend or visiting unofficially, Asare said, "I'm at Notre Dame right now. I came up for a one day camp and right now I'm just taking in the sights. The school is beautiful. I like everything about it so far."

Asare is set to workout with the other campers today (Tuesday, June 29th), but he's already talked to a few of the Irish coaches. "I've talked to Coach Wilks, Coach Mattison, and Coach Gonzalez already. I really like them, especially Coach Mattison. You can really talk to him about anything."

Have the coaches talked about offering Asare a scholarship? "I think they're going to offer me, but I'm just not sure when. They all told me they really love my film, so hopefully with my performance at camp I'll be able to get an offer sooner. I really can't wait to get out there tomorrow to show [the coaches] what I can do."

Asare also fell in love with the South Bend summer weather. "I really like the weather up here. It's a lot different from Texas. I want to get out of Texas. I love home, but I really don't want to go to college in Texas."

Comments: Notre Dame is without a doubt in the drivers seat with Asare. He already had Notre Dame as his leader before his trip to South Bend. His visit to Notre Dame only reinforced that. If the Irish offer, look for Asare to commi Top Stories