Schoenhoft Returns From Irish Camp

Cincinnati, Ohio quarterback Rob Schoenhoft recently returned from Notre Dame football camp. Irish Eyes caught up with Schoenhoft to get his thoughts on the Irish camp, and his future plans for his commitment. What did Schoenhoft think of the Notre Dame camp? When will he be deciding?

Rob Schoenhoft said he felt he performed well at the Notre Dame camp. "It went well," said Schoenhoft. "I had a lot of fun with Evan Sharpley and Jason Forcier. We showed off a bit."

Schoenhoft said he enjoyed talking with coach Diedrick. "He put us through a lot of drills. He's a great guy. A great coach. He said they needed to do some more evaluating before offering."

Schoenhoft confirmed what Sharpley had mentioned to Irish Eyes earlier. "They told us it was down to Evan, Jason and I," Shoenhoft said. "They will let us know within a week or so."

The Irish remain the only school that hasn't offered Schoenhoft that he's interested in. "Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Notre Dame and Florida are my top schools at this point. Notre Dame is the only school that hasn't offered me yet," Schoenhoft said.

Next on the slate for Schoenhoft is camp at Florida. "I'm going to camp on July 10th at Florida," said Schoenhoft. "I also might visit Michigan State unofficially, and then go to Michigan to say hello to coach Loeffler."

A decision will likely come at the Elite 11 camp. "I plan to announce at the Elite 11 camp on July 21st," said Schoenhoft.

The Irish appear to be fading after sitting very high on Schoenhoft's list earlier in the year. "If they offered, they'd be up at the top and make things more complicated," said Schoenhoft. "I'm kind of tired of waiting. That has kind of turned me off them a little bit."

Comments: Let's be clear and say, at this point, we don't know which guy is the top target. This is starting to remind me of the Brady Quinn recruiting war. The Irish won that race, but I don't think they'll be as lucky this time if an offer doesn't come soon for Schoenhoft and he is the top guy. If Schoenhoft is the top target, the Irish will have to let him know that soon to have any chance at him. Top Stories