Speedy Back Interested in Notre Dame

Fort Worth, Texas native Chris Douglas is starting to draw interest from teams across the country. Is Notre Dame one of the schools that have been contacting the 5-9, 178 pound running back prospect? Is he interested in Notre Dame? Irish Eyes found out.

All Saints' Episcopal School's Chris Douglas had an impressive junior season. "I had 182 carries for 1730 yards and 21 touchdowns running the ball," said Douglas. "I also had 12 catches for 318 yards and three touchdowns."

Does Douglas hold any offers yet? "Stanford offered in May, so far they're the only one," he said. "Kansas State and Notre Dame are recruiting me pretty hard and I think that I'll get an offer from them soon."

"Utah has said that they are very interested, and I've also been hearing a lot from Oklahoma State, TCU, and Texas State," said Douglas.

Is Douglas interested in the Irish? "Yes, very much so. Plus, I like Julius Jones and him coming down to play for the Cowboys is exciting," said Douglas with a laugh.

"I do like Notre Dame, though. They have a great environment and good academics," said Douglas. "The graduation chances are good there and their overall tradition is impressive."

What Notre Dame coach has been recruiting him? "Coach Greg Mattison has been recruiting me. I really like me a lot. We keep in contact quite a bit."

Has Coach Mattison said anything about a potential offer? "No, not yet. I was supposed to go to their camp this summer, but I've been taking some summer classes and I didn't have the money to make it up there," said Douglas.

Douglas has one camp under his belt and another scheduled this summer. "I attended the Kansas State camp on June 5th. I ran a 4.46 forty there," he said. "I'll also be going to TCU's camp in July."

What is Douglas looking for in a school? "I'll be looking at the athlete's graduation percentage, the student to teacher ration, the opportunity to win a national championship, and if I'll be comfortable in that particular environment," said Douglas.

Wherever Douglas decides to go, don't expect an early decision. "I plan on taking all five visits and then deciding sometime in December," he said. "I want to enjoy the moment and not rush into it."

Do his parents have a preference? "No they're are going to leave it up to me. They realize that I'm the one that is going to be there four or five years, so they are leaving it in my hands."

Douglas gave us the top teams he's interested in, "In no particular order, I like Stanford, Notre Dame, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Utah, and TCU," he said.

Douglas scored a 930 on the SAT.

Comments: Douglas is another name to keep an eye on. We might have had more of an idea where he stood with Notre Dame if he had been able to make it up to camp. However, he is interested in the Irish and if they offered, they'd have a good shot at him. Irish Eyes will let you know any further developments.

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