Pegues Back From Irish Camp

Batesville, Miss. athlete Derek Pegues is a top prospect. The 5-10, 175-pound Pegues recently attended Notre Dame's football camp. We spoke to Pegues to get his thoughts on his camp experience, and the rest of his summer plans.

Derek Pegues said he enjoyed his time spent at Notre Dame. "That was cool," said Pegues. "It was alright. I liked the coaches a lot. Coach Wilkes is a cool guy. We talked about playing defensive back. I spent a lot of time talking to coach Willingham. He just talked about how much they wanted me, and how I could help the team."

We asked Pegues what else he liked about his visit. "I liked the campus a lot," said Pegues. "I also got to meet some of the players. They were cool."

Pegues also made a trip to Michigan on an unofficial visit. "I liked it at Michigan as well," said Pegues. "It was alright there, too. I liked everything about both schools about the same. I didn't really like one over the other."

A decision won't be coming for a long time according to Pegues. "I plan to announce my decision on signing day," Pegues said.

The Irish do appear to be in the hunt for Pegues at this time. "Yeah, I like Notre Dame quite a bit," he said. "I'll probably take an official visit there. I really don't have any leaders at this point. I'm really wide open right now. I'll start to narrow it down soon."

Comments: Pegues didn't have a lot to say about either of his visits to Notre Dame or Michigan. He seemed to enjoy both, but we didn't get any indication that he liked one better than the other. We do believe Pegues will take his official visits so we'll have to wait a long time to find out where he'll eventually end up. Top Stories