Powers Narrowing Down His List

San Mateo, Calif. defensive end Will Powers has returned from his recent Midwest visit and is starting to narrow down his list of schools. We spoke to Powers after his visits to Notre Dame and Nebraska to get his thoughts on both schools. What did Powers think of Notre Dame? Do the Irish still have a shot at Powers?

Will Powers has been a busy man this spring and summer. "I've been to UCLA, Cal, Stanford, Arizona, Arizona State, Nebraska and Notre Dame so far," said Powers. "I just got back from Nebraska and Notre Dame."

Powers said he enjoyed his visit to Notre Dame. "You're not going to find a place with more tradition than Notre Dame," said Powers. "From the stadium to the locker room, it's all over the place there. It was tough to get a good feel for the place because I didn't get to meet a lot of the players there.

"I did meet coach Mattison, coach Willingham and the defensive coordinator (Kent Baer) and they seemed like good guys. I just didn't get the chance to speak to enough of the players to get the full perspective there."

Powers said he was impressed with Tyrone Willingham. "He's soft spoken, but deliberate," said Powers of Willingham. "He confident with what he's got going on right now. He seems to know what he's doing and should have them turned around quickly."

Nebraska also impressed Powers. "I liked it at Nebraska. Each school is a little different. I got a better feel for Nebraska. I liked the coaches and the players there," Powers said.

Irish fans will have to wait until the end to find out where Powers will be headed. "I don't think I'll announce until signing day," said Powers. "That could change. I could find a school where everything feels right and just announce. My plan is to wait until signing day."

Does Powers have a list of top schools at this point? "I'd say I have a list of seven right now, but I'm not 100 percent certain on them so I'm not making that public right now," said Powers.

Have the Irish made the final seven? "I guess it's OK to say it now," he said. "Yeah, they have."

Comments: We get the feeling that Notre Dame didn't quite grab Powers. He didn't have a lot to say about Notre Dame. He seemed to like Nebraska better. At this point, the Irish might be in the top seven, but likely in back of the pack in the race.

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