Schoenhoft Very Close to a Decision

Cincinnati quarterback Rob Schoenhoft is very close to making his decision. The Irish recently offered Schoenhoft. Did the Irish offer influence Schoenhoft's decision?

Rob Schoenhoft says he's very close to making his decision. "I plan on making my decision at the Elite 11 camp," said Schoenhoft.

The Irish recently offered Schoenhoft, but it appears the offer came a little too late for Schoenhoft. "It came on Friday," said Schoenhoft of the Irish offer. "I was happy it came, but it was a little disappointing it took so long."

The Irish don't appear to have much of a chance at this point according to Schoenhoft. "It'd be tough for them," said Schoenhoft. "Michigan and Ohio State lead right now. It'd be real tough for Notre Dame to catch them."

Schoenhoft said he just talked with his parents about his choices before we called. "We actually just spoke about it. I have a good idea of where I'm going."

It's clear that Schoenhoft is pretty much set on Michigan at this point, and we bet he decides before the Elite 11 camp. "Michigan is my leader. I'm pretty close to pulling the trigger. I'm calling Brian Stumpf tonight. He called me about the Elite 11 camp before. I was going to talk to him about Chad Henne and see where I stack up with him."

We asked Schoenhoft if Henne was the only hurdle to him committing to Michigan at this point. "Yeah, pretty much. You have to compete anyway though."

Comments: At any rate, we wish Schoenhoft the best in his decision. He's been very honest with Irish Eyes and we certainly appreciate it. Top Stories