Rich Holds Over 20 Offers

Marietta, Georgia running back Richie Rich is a top prospect. The 5-10, 180-pound Rich has over 20 offers to his name, and more are likely on the way. Are the Irish interested in Rich? Does Rich have an interest in Notre Dame?

Running back Richie Rich had a solid junior season. "I had 196 carries for 1,500 yards and 15 touchdowns," said Rich of his junior stats.

Plenty of schools have offered Rich at this point. "I have over 20 offers," said Rich. "Oklahoma, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Wake Forest, Kentucky, Ole Miss, UCLA, Auburn--those are some of them."

The Irish also appear to be recruiting Rich. "I don't have an offer from them yet," said Rich of the Irish. "But I do get a lot of mail from them. I haven't spoken to them yet."

Rich says he's very interested in Notre Dame. "I have a lot of interest in Notre Dame. The prestige, they know how to win football games there. I also think they have a good coaching staff."

The Marietta native says he's only made on unofficial visit so far. "I went to Georgia earlier," he said. "I liked it there a lot. They told me they might want to wait until fall to offer me. That was the only schools I've been to so far."

Rich says he won't be making an early decision. "I want to take all my visits and see what all the schools look like," said Rich. "I'm looking for a school where I can play early. I also want to find a school where I like the environment and feel I fit in well with the coaches and the players."

Does Rich have any early leaders? "No, I'm pretty wide open right now," Rich said.

Rich says he didn't know his core g.p.a. but had around a 2.75 in his overall g.p.a. He also said he's scheduled to take his test in September.

Comments: Rich is certainly impressive on the field and on the phone. The Irish appear to be recruiting him. We'll keep an eye on him to see if the Irish offer soon. Top Stories