Akron Defensive End Most Recent Irish Offer

Akron, Ohio defensive end Lawrence Wilson recently became the most recent player to receive an Irish offer with the official offer arriving late last week. The 6-5, 230-pound Wilson also has a few other offers under his belt. What was his response to the Irish offer? What did his family think? Where are the Irish on his list? We spoke with Wilson to find out.

Irish Eyes first spoke to the mother and father of Lawrence Wilson--Sarah and Eugene Wilson--as Lawrence worked his way home from the prestigious ABCD basketball camp in New Jersey on Sunday. Lawrence is also considered a very talented basketball player and will likely want to play both sports in college.

"Lawrence should be home soon," said Sarah Wilson. "He's coming home from ABCD camp. He should be home soon."

Sarah Wilson was the first to confirm the Irish offer. "They did offer," Sarah said. "We were very excited. The whole family was very excited. We went there in March for their junior day and loved it there."

We asked Sarah if Lawrence was planning on making an early decision. "I think he's going to take his time," Sarah said. "I think he's going to take an official visit there and then decide. We're trying to reach the coaches at Notre Dame to set up. I think he needs to spend some time there, stay over night, get a feeling for what life would be like at Notre Dame before making a decision."

Eugene Wilson also said he wants his son to take an official visit to Notre Dame. "I think it's important to get Lawrence there during the school year so he can get an idea of what life would be like there," Eugene said. "We'll try to get in touch with coach Willingham and set that up in the next couple of weeks."

The Irish are not the only school to offer Lawrence. "Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Akron and Toledo have also offered," Eugene said.

So far, the Irish have made a very positive impression according to Eugene. "We went up there for their junior day and we were very impressed," Eugene said. "We spoke with coach Willingham in the lobby. He gave us a lot of time even though he didn't have a lot to give. He made us feel real welcome."

"We also went up there for the Adidas camp and got to meet coach Denbrock and coach Mattison. We talked with both of them for a while and really liked both coaches."

Next for Eugene is to get Lawrence back on Notre Dame's campus to spend more time with coach Willingham. "We'll try to set that up real soon," Eugene said. "They actually have an Adidas basketball camp there next weekend. We'll see if we can work both of those in together."

Lawrence Wilson called us shortly after we spoke to both Sarah and Eugene. "I thought I did pretty good," said Lawrence of his ABCD camp performance. "I went against the best players in the nation and I thought I held my own."

Basketball will play a role in Lawrence's decision. "I want to play both in college," he said. "Most schools are saying that won't be a problem."

The Irish offer was exciting for Lawrence. "I was very happy about that," Lawrence said of the Irish offer. "We are all happy about that. I like Notre Dame a lot. They have great tradition there. The academics are outstanding. They have a good football program and a good basketball program."

Has Lawrence spoken to Notre Dame about playing both sports? "I spoke to coach Denbrock about that," Lawrence said. "He said they really encourage it and it wouldn't be a problem."

The Irish like Lawrence as a pass rusher. "I spoke with coach Mattison and he said they like me as a rush end," Lawrence said. "He said I remind him of Justin Tuck--that speed guy that comes off the edge. He said he really wants to get a chance to work with me."

A decision might not come for a while. "I don't know when I plan to decide," said Lawrence. "I'll probably take a few visits. I might decide towards the end of my season."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Lawrence. He seems very interested in Notre Dame, as does his parents. We'll keep a close eye on Lawrence and see if anything changes in the near future.

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