Forcier Still Waiting

San Diego quarterback Jason Forcier has done all that he can do. He's attended the camps and competed, he's said all the right things, now he's waiting for the final word. Forcier remains patient, waiting to hear the final word from a number of Midwest schools on offering a scholarhip, including Notre Dame. How long is Forcier willing to wait?

Irish Eyes spoke once again with the always bubbly Jason Forcier to get an update on his situation. "I haven't heard yet," said Forcier on word of an offer from Notre Dame. "They sent me an e-mail and said we'd likely hear in the next couple of weeks. They must feel like they still have a shot at Sanchez or Schoenhoft. They said if Sanchez made an early decision, that would clear things up for them."

Forcier says he's just sitting back and trying to remain patient. "It's still a waiting game for me," Forcier said. "Unfortunately, as a quarterback, you're almost forced to make a decision. Wisconsin was one of my offers, but they took Dustin Sherer so I won't be going there.

"Now I've got others that are asking me to commit like UCLA and Utah. They need to know soon. I've got Colorado sending me stuff about their depth chart. I can't wait too long."

Forcier's decision will likely come in a few weeks. "I know I plan on making another visit to UCLA soon," Forcier said. "I have a passing camp this weekend so I can't make it then, but I have the next two weekends free so I'll probably head up there one of those weekends. I'll probably make a decision after taking that visit."

Forcier said in an earlier interview that he's also waiting to hear back from Michigan and Michigan State about an offer as well.

Comments: I have to tip my hat to Forcier (and Sharpley for that matter). He's handled this about as well as any kid I've seen in previous years. He knows where he stands with a number of schools and he's fine with that. He knows he's not the top guy at a number of his favorite schools, but he's confident he can do the job, and doesn't feel disrespected. He can't wait forever, however. Top Stories