Sanchez Should Have a Decision Within a Week

Mission Viejo quarterback Mark Sanchez is down to his final four schools. Sanchez recently visited USC and spent some time with offensive coordinator Norm Chow. We spoke to Sanchez to get his thoughts on his decision and to find out when that decision might come.

Mark Sanchez says he enjoyed his recent visit to USC. "It was awesome," Sanchez said of the visit. "We spent some time talking to coach Chow. He explained what they are trying to do there. He basically said you compete, and if you do well, you play."

Decision time has now begun. "I should probably have a decision before the end of the week," Sanchez said. "We'll sit down and discuss it and we should have a decision within a week."

We asked Sanchez if he's spoken to Notre Dame recently. "No, I haven't," Sanchez said. We also asked if he's spoken to the coaches at Texas or Ohio State, "no, I haven't" was his response.

We also asked Sanchez if he had an idea in his mind where he'd like to go. "Actually, no I don't," he said. "I'm excited about all the schools I'm looking at. I'll know sometime this week."

Comments: We still think it's a long shot at best for Sanchez to choose Notre Dame. He has no relationship built with Irish offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, Bill Diedrick. Stranger things have happened, but we just don't see it happening. Top Stories