Kadous Back From Recent South Bend Visit

Tucson, Ariz. offensive lineman John Kadous recently returned from another visit to Notre Dame. Kadous will report with his freshmen classmates in August, but he couldn't wait that long to get back to Notre Dame. We spoke with Kadous to get his thoughts on his latest visit to South Bend. What did he think of working out with the big uglies?

John Kadous said he wanted to get an idea of what college football would be like with his recent visit to South Bend. "I just wanted to get a feel for what it would be like," Kadous said. "I'm glad I went. I had a lot of fun and I got an idea of the commitment these guys make."

Kadous, himself, has been working very hard in preparation for the season. "I've been working out very hard," Kadous said. "I've been doing agility training two times a week. I'm running three times a week. And I'm still doing all their workouts.

"I'm glad I started doing the agility stuff. I think it's really helped me with my quickness."

We asked John how he felt he fit in with his new teammates along the offensive line. "We all hit it off right away," he said. "They were teaching me right from the beginning. I was really excited to see that. They helped me with my technique and we all got along well."

Kadous also said he thought he held his own when lifting with the big uglies. "I thought I stacked up pretty good," Kadous said. "They have some strong guys there, but I'm hoping I can be just as strong next year--if not stronger."

The improved strength has helped Kadous but he's also lighter on his feet. Kadous was originally 320 when we first started talking to him back in June of last year. "I'm 280 right now," Kadous said. "It's a good 280. The coaches want me to come in at 285 so I'll try to put on another five pounds before I get there."

Just a couple of large pizzas, right John? "No, I think they were wanting it to be good weight," he said laughingly.

Kadous says he has set a goal for himself for his first season. "I'm coming in as if I'm going to play," Kadous said. "That is my mentality. I don't mind if I redshirt, but I'm coming in with the mindset that I'm going to play and that's how I'm going to approach it. My goal is to play this season. I know that's hard to do as a freshman."

Kadous does seem very committed. He's been lifiting and reshaping his body since his season last December. The results show he's obviously committed to being a great player for Notre Dame. We're excited to see the new Kadous on the field.

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