Smith Up to 10 Offers

Edmond, Oklahoma is home to athlete Reggie Smith. The 6-0, 190-pound Smith can play a number of positions including defensive back, wide receiver and running back. Smith has 10 offers under his belt so far including one from Notre Dame. Irish Eyes spoke with Smith to find out what he's been up to this summer, and to get his thoughts on recruiting. Do the Irish have a chance at landing this talented athlete?

Reggie Smith has had a very busy summer. "I went to a lot of camps," Smith said. "Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, USC and UCLA."

Smith also has an impressive offer list so far. "Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Texas A&M, Kansas, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Penn State, USC and UCLA have offered me so far," Smith said.

The Irish have offered in writing according to Smith. "They did offer me in writing," he said. "Their coach came out in May and gave it to my coach. I like Notre Dame a lot. They have so much tradition there. They're a team on the rise. I was supposed to go to camp there this summer, but I had gone to so many camps that I didn't think I could go to another. I was camped out. I'd like to get up there and find out more about the schoo."

Smith is a very talented athlete that can a number of positions. We asked him what position most schools were recruiting him to play. "Most say defensive back. Some say wide receiver and some also say running back," Smith said. We asked him what position Notre Dame has said. "I think they said safety. I don't care where I play."

A decision for Smith will likely come after his season. "I plan to take my visits," Smith said. "I don't know if I'll take all five. If a school jumps out and feels right, I'll go ahead and commit but my plan is to take my visits."

Does Smith have a list of favorites right now? "No, I'm pretty open," he said. "I'll probably start to narrow it down at the start of my season. As of right now, I'm pretty open."

The rumors have been that the in-state schools will be difficult to beat. We asked Smith if those rumors were true. "I hear that a lot," Smith said. "Everybody has a chance. I'm going to do what feels right for me. Those people saying that don't really know me."

Comments: Add Smith to the list of another talented player with an Irish offer. All you have to do is watch this FILM to know why Smith is a 5 star player on Insiders. He appears open right now and interested in Notre Dame. We'll keep an eye on Smith. Top Stories