Lambert Returns From Recent Notre Dame Visit

Ventura, Calif. defensive back Terrail Lambert recently visited South Bend to get a taste of the future. The 5-10, 190-pound Lambert spent a week at Notre Dame to work out with the team. What did Lambert think of his recent visit to South Bend?

Terrail Lambert said he was thrilled with his recent visit to Notre Dame. "I had a really good time," Lambert said of South Bend visit. "I went there last Tuesday and came back this Tuesday."

Lambert says his recent trip impressed him. "From a football standpoint, it doesn't get better than that," Lambert said. "You could feel it in the air. You can tell this team is going to be successful this year. Everyone is working so hard. This team is definitely headed in the right direction. Everyone is really team-oriented and working towards one goal. I really liked seeing that."

The workouts gave Lambert an idea of what his future holds. "They hit it pretty hard up there," Lambert said of the workouts. "It wasn't anything I didn't expect, though."

The Ventura, California native is also learning a new position after playing most of his career as a linebacker. "It sticks with you longer when you can work out on the field," said Lambert. "Studying the playbook helps give you an idea of what to do, but working out on the field makes it stick with you."

We asked Terrail if the switch has been difficult for him. "No not really," he said. "If we had a good receiver in high school, my coach would tell me to follow him and make sure he didn't catch any balls. I've had to be in coverage a lot because of that.

"It is different in how you line up. You feel like you're more on an island. It's a feeling I like a lot."

We asked Lambert how he felt he stacked up against the Notre Dame receivers in his recent workouts. "Coming into a new system, they'd obviously have an advantage over me," Lambert said. "It makes you mentally strong. Going against those guys makes you up your game and makes me play better. I thought I did pretty well."

The jump from high school to college is a big one according to Lambert. "Physically, just the overall speed and the pace of the game," said Lambert when asked to describe the difference between college and high school. "I think once you get used to it, it's addicting because these guys are supposed to be here and when you can run with these guys, you know you belong."

The one area that Lambert will likely struggle is adapting to his environment. "My Mother gave me a piece of advice when I chose Notre Dame," Lambert said. "She told me that if any change is easy, nine times out of ten it's not the place for you to be. She told me that I needed to step out of my comfort zone and see how I can adapt to new environments. If I can adjust to that, it will make me a better person in the long run."

Lambert says he has just one goal set so far for this season. "I just want to come in and contribute wherever I can," he said. "I'm just trying to get to the Orange Bowl and that was everyone's attitude when I was there. I just want to participate any way I can."

We asked Lambert if he felt he'd see some playing time this season. "I'm hoping so," Lambert said. "I think I can see a little time. Maybe in a nickel or dime situation I can get in. They might throw me in at corner, who knows. I'm just going to work hard to try to get in any way I can."

We expect Lambert to see some playing time this season, even if it's just special teams play. We've heard he performed well in the week he was here. He should be a player that sees a lot of the field in the future. Top Stories