Nelson's Been Busy Since Commitment to Irish

Wichita Falls, Texas wide receiver David Nelson committed to Notre Dame this past weekend after a recent visit to South Bend. Nelson was obviously excited about his commitment to the Irish, but now he says it's back to business. That business is for Nelson to do a little recruiting of his own--something he jumped right on when he got home. What has Nelson been up to since his commitment? Irish Eyes found out.

David Nelson says he's on a mission since committing to Notre Dame this weekend. "I got on the phone and I started dialing," Nelson said. "I need to help convince some of these great players to come with me to Notre Dame so we can get Notre Dame back where it belongs--at the top of college football."

Nelson says he thinks his words can have an impact. "I just tell them why I chose Notre Dame and I think that can have an impact when it comes from another player," said Nelson. "I could help someone commit tonight, you never know. I just want to get as many great players as I can to come with me to Notre Dame."

So who is on the call list for Nelson? "I've talked to David Grimes, Maurice Wells, A.J. Trump, Paul Duncan, Dimitri Stewart, Shawn Oatis, Brandon Harrison and Evan Sharpley so far," Nelson said. "I need to reach a few others like Justin King, guys like that."

We asked Nelson if he had any luck so far. "You know, everyone has been very nice," he said. "Every guy has been very cool about talking to me. I think they like hearing from someone who is going through the same thing."

"I talked to Maurice Wells and he was really cool. I think he really appreciated the call as I was the first recruit to call him and he liked that. All of these guys have been very nice. We don't just talk about recruiting and Notre Dame--we talk about a lot of things."

Nelson says he's very excited about his future at Notre Dame. "It's started to sink in," Nelson said of his commitment. "I'm really excited about it. I loved everything about Notre Dame and it's the right place for me. Hopefully I can get more guys to come with me."

Nelson's commitment to Notre Dame was a big one for the Irish. The good news is it appears he's already proving how committed he is to Notre Dame by making his phone calls. He's certainly personable enough to be a good salesman. We'll have to wait and see if he has any luck. Top Stories