Dray Up to 13 Offers

Oradell, N.J. tight end James Dray is off to a good start in recruiting. The 6-5, 230-pound Dray is up to 13 offers already. Are the Irish interested in Dray? Have they offered him? What is his interest in Notre Dame? Irish Eyes found out the answers to these questions and more in our recent conversation with Dray.

James Dray says he's up to 13 offers already in the early stage on the recruiting season. "Stanford, Notre Dame, Boston College, Nebraska, Iowa, Rutgers, U. Conn, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Temple, Vanderbilt and Northwestern have offerd me so far," Dray said.

The Irish recently offered in writing. "They offered me a couple weeks ago," Dray said. "I was really happy about that."

Dray told Irish Eyes earlier that he was hoping for an Irish offer. We asked him where the recent Irish offer places Notre Dame on his wish list. "They'd definitely be near the top if I had to narrow it down," Dray said. "I've always wanted to go there as a little kid. But, I'm as interested in them as anyone else right now."

The Irish are recruiting Dray for a tight end. "I haven't spoken to them since they've offered me," he said. "They told me they were recruiting me as a tight end. That's what I want to play in college."

The Oradell, N.J. native says he'll take his time before deciding where he'll play his college football. "I'll probably decide some time after my season," Dray said. "I want to take my visits and see what happens. I plan to take all my visits."

When Dray does make his final decision, academics will be his top priority. "Education will be No. 1," Dray said when asked what he's looking for in a school. "My degree has to have some bearing in the world after I graduate. The reputation of the football program will be important. I'll also look at school where I have a chance to play early in my career."

Dray says he'll use the early months of his season to narrow down his list. "I'll just talk to the coaches and see which coaches I feel comfortable with to narrow it down," he said. "I'll see where I think I'll fit in best and make sure they are not feeding me a bunch of crap."

Comments: Dray has always been quiet about his favorites. The Irish offer should put the Notre Dame in the race. He said he's been a Notre Dame fan since he was little but has never been to Notre Dame. We'll keep an eye on him. In the meantime, check out his FILM. Dray is quite impressive on film.

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