Tennessee Lineman is National Recruit

Memphis, Tenn. offensive lineman Malcom Rawls is quickly becoming a National recruit. Rawls has too many offers to count from schools all across the country. Are the Irish interested in Rawls? What are his thoughts on Notre Dame? Have the Irish offered Rawls? We spoke with Rawls to find the answers to these questions and more.

Malcom Rawls has been busy this summer. "I'm at a math and science camp right now," Rawls said. "It's going really good. It's a three-summer program and I graduate from the program this summer."

We asked Rawls what he was studying at this camp. "Right now I'm taking physics and calculus," Rawls said. "It's going really well. I'm a pretty good student." Rawls doesn't stretch the truth on that with a 4.6 g.p.a and a score of 31 on his A.C.T.

Besides being an outstanding student, Rawls is also known as one of the top offensive linemen in the country. The 6-4, 300-pound Rawls has the offers to prove it.

"I don't know how many offers I have right now," said Rawls. "Everyone in the SEC has offered me except Georgia. Michigan, Oklahoma State, North Carolina, Louisville, Memphis, Stanford, Notre Dame, Harvard, Yale, Nebraska, those are some of them."

Rawls says he's not sure what to make of all the attention. "I guess I'm just lucky and really blessed," Rawls said of his offers. "I have so many great opportunities in front of me."

The Irish are recruiting Rawls heavily and he has been offered by Notre Dame, he thinks. "I talked to coach Willingham and he said he was offering me," Rawls said. "I also talked to one of the assistant coaches. I haven't been home to see if it actually came or not. My Mom has been saving all my mail for me. I really have no idea what mail I've received. I'll have to look through it when I get home."

The Irish have impressed Rawls so far. "I am interested in Notre Dame," Rawls said. "I really like coach Willingham. He seemed like a great guy. They have a great football program there. It's a great University academically. I'm very interested in Notre Dame."

The Irish have some ground to make up on two Universities, however. "I am a Vol fan," Rawls said when asked if he grew up a Tennessee fan. "I have a Vols shirt on right now. I know I'll take visits to Tennessee and Stanford for sure. After that, I'm not sure."

The Irish do have one person in their corner. "My Mom really likes Notre Dame," Rawls said. "I'm not even sure why she likes Notre Dame but she really does. She got here masters degree from Arkansas so she kind of likes them. She likes the Vols, too."

Rawls says he'll likely take his time before deciding. "I plan to take all my visits," Rawls said when asked when he might decide. "I want to take all my visits and get a feel for the schools. I'll know more where I'll fit in after my visits."

We asked Rawls what he plans to study in college. "Right now I'm leaning towards business administration--maybe a minor in spanish," Rawls said.

Comments: Rawls is certainly an impressive young man. We do think the Irish have some ground to make up on the Tennessee and Stanford. He does seem to like Tyrone Willingham and his Mom likes the Irish. We'll check back with Rawls in September to see if he's started narrowing down his list.

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