Sharpley Letting it All Sink In

Quarterback Evan Sharpley committed to Irish coach Bill Diedrick very late on Saturday evening. The 6-2, 200-pound Marshall, Mich. native returned late Saturday night from a recent baseball showcase in Georgia when we spoke with him to break the news of his commitment. We didn't speak long with Sharpley about his commitment because it was late. We thought we would check back with Sharpley to see how life has changed since his commitment to Notre Dame.

Evan Sharpley was on cloud nine when we spoke to him on Sunday night. "It's starting to sink in now," Sharpley said of his commitment. "It's a great feeling. I'm just thankful it worked out for me."

Sharpley said he took all day Sunday and relaxed. "It's been hectic for me," Sharpley said. "I talked to a bunch media guys, but that is about it. I did go out and throw some seven-on-seven with my wide receivers. We haven't thrown much lately because I've been busy. Now I'm going to focus on football until the season starts."

The Michigan native said he didn't even talk to his extended family to inform them of his commitment to Notre Dame. "I left that to my Dad," he said. "He's a big talker and he was having fun with that."

One person he did speak with was Detroit wide receiver and also current Irish commitment, David Grimes. Sharpley and Grimes have struck up a friendship after camping together and both players were very excited to hear they both had committed to Notre Dame.

"We did speak," Sharpley said of talking with Grimes. "We were both really happy for each other and happy we'd be going to the same school together."

Sharpley has seen first-hand what Grimes can do on the field so we thought we'd ask him what type of player Grimes is. "He's really tough to guard one-one-one," Sharpley said of Grimes. "He uses his hands really well at the line of scrimmage and he just floats to the ball.

"He's quick and he's a really hard worker--I really like his work ethic. He kind of reminds me of a Steve Breaston type of player. He just makes things happen in the open field."

Sharpley has also spoken to the other wide receiver committed in the 2005 class--David Nelson. "I just spoke to him a few minutes ago," Sharpley said. "He's a really good guy. We hit it off right away. I tried to download his film on the site but it didn't load. I'll have to check him out after I get back from the movies."

The irony of Sharpley's commitment is that he grew up at Michigan fan and has never been to a Notre Dame game. We asked him what it would feel like playing the Wolverines in his first home game of his career. "I think it will be great," Sharpley said. "I hope we beat them. I liked Michigan growing up, but I just thought Notre Dame was a better place for me."

Sharpley is also an outstanding baseball prospect and says he plans to play some baseball for Paul Mainieri and the Irish baseball team.

Sharpley is known as a hard-hitting third baseman on the diamond and Mainieri is always looking for power in the lineup.

"I've spoken with coach Mainieri already," Sharpley said. "He said he was really excited to hear I committed. They had been recruiting me, but he knew that it would all depend on where I committed for football. He said he was hoping that I would commit--he was just waiting to hear what happened with football."

Sharpley has been to a number of Irish baseball games already. "My Dad and I went to couple of games last year," Sharpley said. "I'm excited about playing for coach Mainieri and the baseball team."

So how talented is Sharpley in baseball? Check out his stats from last season. "I hit .510, 15 home runs and 45 RBI," Sharpley said modestly. "We played 28 games last year."

It appears Irish fans got some extra bang for the buck in Sharpley. He should help both the Irish football team and baseball team in the future. We're excited to follow his career in both sports in the future. Top Stories