Talley Trying to Be True

Detroit, Mich. defensive end Ronald Talley has been in South Bend working out for quite some time. Talley took a day off to head back to Detroit, but he plans on being back in South Bend on Thursday to resume his summer workouts. We spoke with Talley to get his thoughts on his experience working out with his new team this summer. Talley says he's just trying to be true.

Ronald Talley went back to Detroit for a day as the team took the day off from lifting. Talley says that he's been working very hard this summer. "I'm just trying to be true," Talley said. "I'm just trying to ball. I've been at Notre Dame for a while now. We had the day off today so I came back. I'll be back there tomorrow and will be there for good."

Talley says he's been enjoying his time with his future teammates and his future classmates in the freshman class. "We all come from different places," Talley said of his teammates. "That makes it pretty cool. Everyone gets along well. We're all focused on being a great team."

Talley said he's struggled with an illness this summer and he's trying to get his body where it needs to be for fall camp. "I had some back luck and got sick for a whole month," Talley said. "I lost weight. I was down to 240. I'm trying to get back to 250 plus and be true. I need to get my body where it needs to be. I'm in good shape. I'm just not where I want to be yet."

His Irish teammates have been very helpful in teaching him ropes according to Talley. "I feel I blend in with them pretty well," Talley said. "They've all helped me. It's obvious they've been in the program longer than I have, but they've really tried to help me adjust to it. I just need reps. I'm hoping that the rest of the summer will get me straight and ready to go."

We asked Talley which defensive linemen have impressed him with their physical skills so far. "Trevor Laws--that boy is real quick," Talley said. "I had no idea he'd be that quick. Vic (Victor Abiamiri) is also very quick. Those two guys have really impressed me. There's a bunch of guys on this defensive line that are great players. We should be really good on defense."

The Detroit, Mich. native says he'll focus on getting ready for the season the rest of his summer. "I'm just focused on getting my mind and body ready. I need to make sure I'm in great shape. I also need to make sure that I'm mentally right. Everyone is focused on having a great season."

We asked Talley if he has set any goals for himself for his first year at Notre Dame. "Yeah, I want to get off on a good foot academically," Talley said. "I also want to be in great shape and show coach Mattison that I'm a real ball player. I want him to know that I came to work."

Talley has always had a close relationship with him Mom. We asked how he's handling not having his No. 1 fan around. "I talk to her every day," he said. "It's boring on campus right now so there isn't much to do after working out. She's doing fine. I really miss her cooking. I've got family here though and they come pick me up on the weekends and they take care of me. I get some good cooking on the weekends."

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