Duerson Excited About Future

2004 Irish defensive back recruit Tregg Duerson has been working out all summer including spending a couple of weeks in South Bend. The Wilmette, Ill. native says he's excited for college life to begin. What has Duerson been up to this summer? Did he enjoy his first taste of the college experience with his recent trips to South Bend?

Tregg Duerson says he's been focused on getting ready for his freshman season. "I was up there for two weeks," Duerson said of his recent visit to Notre Dame. "It was a great experience. I think it will make the adjustment a lot easier."

Duerson says he wasn't surprised by what he saw when working out with the team. "I figured it would be difficult," said Duerson of the the workouts. "The lifting is what I expected. My Dad told me it would be intense. He and I talk all the time about what to expect and we work out a couple of times a week. He's been through it all so he tells how it is and what I need to do to be prepared."

We asked Duerson how he felt he held up in the many seven-on-seven workouts he participated in. "I think I did really good," Duerson said. "At first it was difficult. Once you get over the initial shock it becomes easier. The speed was really fast and you have to get used to it. It started to slow way down and I even made some plays at the end."

Duerson said he was impressed with a number of the wide receivers the Irish have on campus. "Rhema McKnight is obviously a good player," Duerson said. "Chase Anastasio has a lot of speed. You don't expect him to be that fast but he's really fast. Maurice Stovall also impressed me."

Duerson said he also got a look at fellow freshman teammate Chris Vaughn as a wide receiver. "I never actually went against him," Duerson said of Vaughn. "I did get to see him play. He's really fast and he's a very good route runner. He's big and uses his body well."

The Irish defensive backs also impressed Duerson. "They accepted me right away," he said. "They kind of get on the freshman a little bit with the teasing but it's all in good fun. They all helped me out there--giving me tips. We all got along really well. I really got along with Terrail Lambert. He and I became good friends."

Duerson says he's very happy he decided to work out with the team this summer. "I think it helped me a lot," Duerson said. "It takes some of the confusion out of it. It's a big step from high school to college. Everything is faster and you have to play with a sense of urgency on every play. I also got to see what I should expect coming in. I really enjoyed it and I'm excited to get back."

Duerson also told us he's been able to build his body up to 175 pounds with his recent workouts.

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