Duncan Making an Early Decision?

Dallas, Georgia offensive lineman Paul Duncan has had a busy summer so far. The 6-6, 285-pound Duncan recently returned from a unofficial visit to LSU and had been planning on making an early decision. Will Duncan be deciding early? What teams are in the race? Are the Irish still leading the race? Irish Eyes spoke to Duncan to find these answers and more.

Paul Duncan recently returned from his unofficial visit to LSU. "I liked it there," said Duncan of his visit to LSU. "It was pretty good. I liked the campus and the coaches. The academics are not as strong, though."

Many have speculated that LSU and Notre Dame will battle for Duncan's service. We asked Duncan to compare the two schools and what he liked about each.

"They are totally different," Duncan said of Notre Dame and LSU. "I like LSU because my whole family could see me play, but that's not a big deal. They also won the National Championship last year so they are winning now."

"At Notre Dame, I really like the academics and the campus," said Duncan. "I also like the coaches, coach Willingham, and I think they are going to win. They are two totally different schools."

At this point, Duncan says he doesn't plan to make an early decision. "I'd like to take my visits," he said. "I think I want to see the schools and take my visits. I don't think I'll make an early decision."

Duncan already has his eye on an Irish visit. "I think I'll take a visit during the season to Notre Dame," Duncan said. "September 25th is our bye week so that would work out perfect. I haven't talked to them about it yet, though."

A few other schools could also get visits. "I think I'll probably visit LSU, UCLA, maybe Texas and Duke," Duncan said.

We asked Duncan if LSU had jumped into the lead for his signature at this point. "No, I wouldn't say they are my favorite. I'd say Notre Dame is still my favorite," Duncan said.

Comments: It's a good sign the Irish still lead for Duncan even after a recent visit to LSU--that could change at any time. Duncan says he'd like to take his visits. We'll keep an eye on him in case he changes his mind. We get the feeling he's not 100 percent sold on waiting at this point.

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