Simpson Has Offer From Irish

Harrisburg, Pa. running back Mikell Simpson is becoming a National prospect. The 6-1, 195-pound Simpson has 19 offers, and an offer from Notre Dame. Do the Irish have a shot at Simpson? What are his thoughts on Notre Dame? Simpson gave us the answers to those questions and more.

Mikell Simpson is becoming a National prospect with a host of offers on the table. "I have 19 offers," said Simpson. "Tennessee, Notre Dame, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia, Syracuse, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Nebraska, UCLA, Indiana, Boston College and U. Conn are some of them. Ohio State and Rutgers have offered me verbally."

We asked Simpson if his offer from Notre Dame was in writing. "Yes it is," Simpson said. "The first time they came here in May, they told my coach that I needed to raise my S.A.T. score. I took the test again and scored an 890. My coach called them and told them, we sent my scores in and they sent me an offer in the mail."

Simpson says he has an interest in Notre Dame. "I'm very interested," said Simpson of Notre Dame. "I've talked to coach Simmons two or three times. He's a really good guy. I'm interested in Notre Dame."

At this point, Simpson says he hasn't begun to narrow his list down. He does says he'll be doing that real soon, however.

"I plan to narrow it down to 10 real soon," Simpson said of his favorites. "I plan to call the coaches next week and talk to them all. I don't really know their true level of interest in me. I know I have offers and letters, but I want to see how interested they are in me. I'll probably narrow it down to a top 10 or so then."

Simpson says he plans to take all of his official visits before making a decision.

"I plan on taking all five," Simpson said of his official visits. "I'll probably have to do that after my season. We're are ranked 5th this year so we could be playing in late December so I'll probably have to do that after my season. I'll probably announce on signing day."

We asked Simpson what would be the important factors in his decision.

"I would say playing time," Simpson said. "Distance won't play a role. Playing time and how well I fit in there."

Simpson also said most college coaches tell him they like what he can do with the ball in his hands.

"They tell me that they like how I can create mismatches with my speed," Simpson said of the coaches recruiting him. "They say I catch the ball really well out of the backfield and that I can use my speed to get around people."

Does Simpson have a list of top schools at this point? "No, I haven't narrowed it down yet. I will soon," Simpson said.

Comments: Simpson says he has an official offer so we'll add him to the list. We'll check back with him in soon to see if the Irish make his top 10--we think they will. Keep an eye on this top prospect. Top Stories