Nickerson Returns From Visit to Notre Dame

Irving, Texas defensive back Brent Nickerson recently took an unofficial visit to Notre Dame. The 6-1, 185-pound Nickerson had the Irish in the lead before his recent visit and told Irish Eyes he was thinking about committing to Notre Dame. What did Nickerson think of the visit? Did he commit? We spoke to Nickerson to get the latest.

MacArthur high school defensive back Brent Nickerson loved his recent visit to Notre Dame. "It went really well," said Nickerson of the visit. "I really enjoyed it. I liked everything about it."

Nickerson recently told us that he would likely commit to Notre Dame on his visit if he liked what he saw. We asked Nickerson if he committed on his visit.

"No, I didn't," Nickerson said. "I wanted to talk it over with my family before I did. I wanted to talk it over with my step-father."

The Irving, Texas native said he saw plenty of Notre Dame and learned enough about the school to make a decision.

"I liked the area a lot," Nickerson said. "I got to speak to some of the players and they let us know what it's really like at Notre Dame. I got a real good feel for the school now."

"I also got to speak with coach Willingham. He's a real good man. We talked a lot about what is expected of me while I'm there. I really liked him."

Nickerson said his Mom was also impressed on the visit. "She loved it," he said. "She thinks it a really good fit for me and that I'd fit in really well there."

A decision could come at any time for Nickerson. "I thought about committing while I was there," Nickerson said. "I really just wanted to talk about it with my family. There's a very good chance I'll end up going there, but I'm not 100 percent sure on that yet."

Nickerson said he might end up taking another trip to another school before making his final decision. "Our two-a-days starts on August 9th," Nickerson said. "I want to have my decision before then. I might take another trip before deciding. I might visit UCLA. I don't know about that, yet."

Comments: Nickerson appears very close to choosing Notre Dame. We wouldn't be surprised if he did take the trip to UCLA to have something to compare Notre Dame to. He seemed really excited about the visit, however, and the Irish are clearly the team to beat at this point. Top Stories