Wilson Still Playing Hoops

Akron, Ohio defensive end Lawrence Wilson has been a busy man. The 6-6, 235-pound Wilson has played in a number of recent basketball tournaments across the country. Irish Eyes caught up with Wilson while he was preparing for a game in a tournament in California and he gave us the latest scoop on his recruitment.

We first spoke with Sarah Wilson, Lawrence's mother about a recent visit the family took to Notre Dame. Lawrence has been away playing basketball for most of the summer.

"We did take a visit there," said Sarah Wilson of the visit to Notre Dame. "It was very nice. We all liked it a lot. We didn't get to meet with the head coach because he was away, but we liked it very much. Lawrence then went straight to Las Vegas for a tournament and now he's in California playing in another tournament."

Sarah had told us recently that Lawrence would like to make an early decision. We asked Sarah if that was still the case. "Yes, he'd like to make an early decision," she said. "He doesn't want to drag it out. We're going to sit down as a family after he returns from California and see if we can make a decision. I think he just wants to focus on having a great senior year."

We also spoke with Lawrence as he was preparing for a game on Thursday night. "We had a great time on the visit," said Lawrence of the Irish visit. "They took us around campus. We spoke to coach Mattison for a long time. We got to speak to three players and they told us a lot about Notre Dame. That was really helpful to find out what it was really like at Notre Dame."

Lawrence also says a decision is likely to come in the near future. "I think I might make a decison soon after I get back," he said. "I'll sit down with my parents and discuss it."

It appears to be a three-team race at this point for Lawrence. "I'm really looking at Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Notre Dame right now. There are some others, but those three are the main schools," Lawrence said. "It seems I lean towards a different school every day. All of them have presented a good case for me to go to their school. I really don't know which way I'm leaning right now."

We asked Lawrence if his parents had a preference at this point. "No, they don't," Lawrence said. "I keep asking them where they want me to go and they just tell me it's up to me and it's my decision."

Lawrence says he does plan to play basketball in college and the Irish have cleared the way for that to happen as well. "I talked to both coach Denbrock and coach Mattison about it and they both said that wouldn't be a problem at all," Lawrence said. "I also got a letter from coach Brey and he said that it wouldn't be a problem with him and he was looking forward to seeing me so that won't be a problem."

Speaking of basketball, we asked Lawrence how the tournaments have been going for him this summer and to describe his game for us. "They've been going great," he said. "We are undefeated in this tournament right now. I can do a lot of things on the court. I just do what they ask of me. I can rebound and I can score. The last couple of games I've gone for 20-plus because that's what my team needed. We're playing very well right now."

Comments: We expect Lawrence to make a decision sometime next week before his senior season. We do believe that Notre Dame has left a very positive impression on both Lawrence and his family. We don't know if the Irish are the lead car in this race at this point, but we do feel they will be tough to beat in the end. We'll check back with Lawrence next week when he returns from California.

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