Byrd Names Top Five

On film South Carolina athlete C.J. Byrd demonstrates superb field vision, great hands, quick feet, and commending body control while in traffic. These qualities make Byrd an ideal wide receiver or safety at the college level. Byrd's top five schools also recognize his ability to play either position in college.

"My top five are Clemson, Florida State, Southern California, Georgia, and Florida. All five schools are recruiting me as a wide receiver, but Georgia and Florida are also recruiting me as a safety." Byrd said.

The coaches at each of his top five schools believe Byrd's athletic qualities and aggressiveness football nature are his best attributes, but Byrd has a different opinion.

"Each coach says I'm really athletic and am really aggressive," Byrd said. "They like those two things the most. I think my best football trait is my knowledge of the game. I have been playing football for roughly ten years. Because I have been playing for so long I just know how to react to things that happen on the field quickly."

Holding offers from each of his top five schools, and numerous other suitors, Byrd's decision will come down to two factors.

"The most important factors in my decision will be my relationship with the players and coaches, and how good the academics are at each college. I want to major in finance," Byrd said.

With Byrd desiring a great player/coach relationship and great academics, does Byrd have any interest in Notre Dame, one of the many schools that has offered him?

"I really don't know much about them," said Byrd of Notre Dame. "I have received some mail from them, and they still send me mail. As of right now they are not in my top five."

Byrd's college decision could come at any time. He is currently practicing and preparing for his first football game, which is less than a month away.

"I'll most likely decide in the beginning or middle of my season," Byrd said. "I visited Clemson, Florida, and Georgia this summer, and the facilities at each college really impressed me. As for right now we are practicing and getting ready our first game, which I believe is at the end of this month." Top Stories