Duncan to Decide Early?

Georgia offensive lineman Paul Duncan has his sights set on his senior season at current moment. The 6-6, 285-pound Duncan is in the middle of his fall camp with his team. There has been some speculation that Duncan might decide before his senior season. Will Duncan be making his decision before his senior season?

Irish Eyes spoke with a tired Paul Duncan on Tuesday evening.

"We just got out of our three-day camp," Duncan said. "It was rough. I did have fun though--as much fun as you can have when you are working that hard."

Duncan had mentioned to us previously that he might make an early decision before his senior season. We asked Duncan if he would make an early decision or wait to take his visits.

"I think I'd like to take my visits," said Duncan. "I want to get a better feeling for the schools. Get to meet some of the players and see what a game would be like at Notre Dame."

The Dallas, Ga. native says he'll likely visit Notre Dame on his off-week if he can. "We have one off-week during the season and it's worked out that Notre Dame has a game that weekend," said Duncan. "I'd like to take my official visit then--get to see a game there. That would be the only visit I could take during my season. I'll have to take the rest after my season."

We asked Duncan how many visits he plans to make at this point. "I'd like to see a lot of schools," said Duncan. "But I don't know if I'll do that. I'll have to see how I feel after the season. I'll probably take a few."

Comments: It appears that Duncan will be waiting and taking his official visits. The Irish are still very high on his list, but his decision to visit other schools gives any school a chance to impress Duncan. We will check back in late August to see if he's set his official visit to Notre Dame.

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