Restless Night for Irish Nation

Did you lose sleep Wednesday trying to get an edge on who the new Notre Dame head coach would be? Seems like a lot of people did based on rabid message board traffic. It's a different world, with a different set of rules, from the last Notre Dame coaching search. This is a catch-up report for those of you who may have had a life to lead the last 24 hours.

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December 6, 2001

Long Day's Night
On the White Beat

By Alan Tieuli
The IrishEyes.Com News Service

(IE) – There were many bleary-eyed members of Notre Dame Nation sitting at their desks Thursday morning after a long night on the beat and on the message boards. Nothing is more important, it seems, than who will be named the new football coach for the Fighting Irish.

But those who lost sleep keeping up with Kevin White's travels through the Bay Area were disappointed with what transpired. Oakland Raiders' head coach Jon Gruden, clearly the majority favorite of Irish fans, has passed on the job.

"Jon Gruden, after a great deal of soul searching, has asked that his name be removed," Gruden's agent, Bob LaMonte told Jarrett Bell of USA TODAY.

Earlier in the day, Steve Mariucci of the San Francisco 49ers also withdraw his name from consideration.

The Gruden story is old news – after all, you would have had to actually have been away from your computer for six hours to miss it. The Mariucci news is ancient, it occurred Wednesday afternoon, just after the toaster-oven was rolled out to consumers worldwide.

Anyone who has ever spent $75 for a $50 sweater in the Hammes Bookstore will also let you know that there are reports that White is interested in talking to Arkansas' Houston Nutt. Nutt would definitely like to chat, but his AD, Frank Broyles, isn't sure that White is interested in talking. The two AD's had not spoken as of early Thursday morning.

IrishEyes went on its message board Wednesday night with a post that, according to a source at Stanford, Notre Dame had extended an offer to Tyrone Willingham.

Working within The Insiders.Com network, the source for the post is very well-placed. Our colleagues at Stanford were hot on the story all day. We'll keep you posted.

(Alan Tieuli is Managing Editor of IrishEyes and can be reached at Top Stories