Two Candidates to Talk About

Courtesy of our fellow publishers on The network, here is the skinny on Stanford's Tyrone Willingham and Houston Nutt of Arkansas. Read the articles and then click on the links to the message boards of The Cardinal and Hogs. What do you think of these candidates? And stay with IrishEyes as this story develops.


Waiting on White in South Bend
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Nothing is more important, it seems, than who will be named the new football coach for the Fighting Irish. But those who lost sleep keeping up with Kevin White's travels through the Bay Area were disappointed with what transpired. The Whole Story

Mixed Reaction from Irish Fans
Excerpt from TheScoots on IrishEyes Football Board "This is all too stylish and PC....Willingham will carry on the mantle of mediocracy; but unlike BD... he will enjoy sympathy ad nauseum from the pillars of academia. ... ND will impress the Brent Musbergers of the world with this heartwarming human interest story.... blah, choke, puke! ..." Talk Back!

Who is Tyrone Willingham?
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Though "The Sheriff" landed back-to-back bowl berths in his first two seasons at Stanford, the superlative records he has put together in two of the last three years are what have him on the lips of every recruit, writer and administrator in the country. Overcoming early recruiting shortfalls and coaching selections, Tyrone has elevated Stanford football to a national contender status.
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Stanford Fans Wondering
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"In our case, TW should publicly say one way or the other whether he wants something better or not. He may be very happy where he is, he may want to leave, but only after he gets done what he wants to get done, or he may be ready to go at any time if the offer is big, at a certain place, etc. At least if he said somehting that let people know what was important to him, nobody would second guess him and certainly nobody would lose respect for him for listening to other's offers. ..." Talk Back!

The McNutt Angle
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First, Notre Dame isn't going to pay their coach twice what Houston Nutt is making at Arkansas, and that would be the only reason to be interested in that job anyway. It's not that great of a job anymore. The Whole Story.

Fans Are Hawg Wild
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"He will win a National Title there before he wins one here. I am (not) downing our team, but it is almost impossible now-a-days to go undefeated through the SEC. Top to bottom it is too tough. ND has a cake schedule, with the exception of Mich, and Stan ... " Talk Back! Top Stories