Sharpley Gets a Look at His Future Offense

Marshall, Mich. Quarterback Evan Sharpley is one of Notre Dame's eight known commitments of 2005. Sharpley recently visited Notre Dame to watch the Irish practice and we spoke with the 6-2, 200-pound signal caller to get his thoughts on his future offense.

Evan Sharpley got his first real look at his future offense last Saturday when he attended recent Irish practice.

"My Dad and I went up there on Saturday for their first two-a-day," Sharpley said. "We attended both practices. I thought they looked pretty good."

The 4-star player said he was impressed with what he saw from the Irish offense. "I liked what they were doing," Sharpley said. "I was really impressed with Brady Quinn—he's the real deal. I was also impressed with Jeff Samardzija. He looks like he'll be a great player.

"I'd say the defense had the better day in the first practice, but the offense came back in the second practice."

Sitting on the sidelines is not something Sharpley is used to, and he found out he didn't like not being to get on the field.

"It was hard to sit there and watch," Sharpley said. "You want to get going right away. I don't like sitting and watching much."

After the morning session, Sharpley spent some time with Irish head coach Tyrone Willingham and offensive coordinator Bill Diedrick.

"We went out to lunch," Sharpley said. "I got to spend a lot of time with them which was great. We talked a lot about history. Coach Willingham told me he used to be able to throw the football 84 yards—I can't do that. It was nice to be able to talk with them. We talked a little about football."

Sharpley also got some chalk time in as he sat in on some meetings in between practices.

"I got to sit in on the quarterback meeting and watch them break down practice," Sharpley said. "That was pretty cool. I've got a lot to learn."

The Marshall, Mich. native also was able to meet a number of his future teammates.

"The coaches took me in and introduced me to everyone," he said. "I sort of got an ovation which was pretty flattering. Everyone was really nice and took the time to talk to me."

Before Sharpley starts his Irish career; he's got to put the finishing touches on his senior season.

"It's been going real good," Sharpley said of fall camp. "We've been looking good. We've been running the ball. We didn't run the ball well last year. We're hoping that opens everything up in the passing game.

"We have a scrimmage on Thursday against three teams, and then our season starts next week. It's getting real close. I'm excited to start playing again. Hopefully we'll have a great season."

We'll be keeping an eye on Evan throughout his senior season, and we're sure Evan will be up for a number of football games this year. Top Stories