Small Looking For More Offers

Naperville, Ill. is home to linebacker Eric Small. The 6-2, 240-pound Small hit the camp circuit this summer hoping to land some offers from some top schools. So far, Small has offers from two schools, but more could be on the way with a solid senior season. We spoke with Small to get the latest on his recruitment.

Senior year has just begun for linebacker Eric Small and he's hoping to have an impressive senior season on the field.

"We just had our first day of school," Small said. "I've got one more year so that is pretty exciting. I don't have any complaints."

Summer was a busy time for the Naperville, Ill. native. He attended a number of camps to try to land some scholarship offers.

"I went to Notre Dame, Wisconsin and Indiana for camp," Small said. "I liked them all. Each place had something about it I liked."

As of now, Small has two offers on the table and is hoping to land some more in the near future.

"Ball State and Eastern Illinois have offered me," Small said. "A lot of people have said they are waiting to see my first few games.

"I sent out my highlight video and I don't think that was a good showing of me. I lost some weight and went to these camps and I thought I performed pretty well. I ran better and I think they wanted to see that. We'll see what happens. A lot of schools want to come watch my first few games before offering me."

The buzz has been that Small performed well at Notre Dame's camp.

"I thought I did pretty well there," Small said. "I talked to coach Willingham after camp and he told me he thought I had a really good camp. He said they have some offers out there right now that they are waiting on and that they want to see my first few games."

Wisconsin and Indiana seem to be taking the same approach as Notre Dame.

"Both schools said the same thing," Small said. "They want to come look at me. I liked it at Wisconsin. That was my first time up there. I thought I played well. They said they would come see me in September."

We asked Small if that would make him nervous knowing so many schools would be out in the stands watching him play.

"Yeah, a little bit," Small said. "I can't really think about that, though. I just need to play the best I can to help the team. That will all take care of itself."

Comments: We've heard Small turned some heads at Notre Dame camp. He had been up to 250 pound and the loss of weight helped him quite a bit from what we've heard. He could grow into a defensive lineman at some point. We'll keep an eye on him and see if Notre Dame starting recruiting him heavily in September. Top Stories