Sapp Leaning Toward Tech

One of Florida's top middle linebacker prospects appears to be seeing things a bit clearly now. With one visit set up, and a list of favorites, Marvin Sapp appears to be narrowing things down when it comes to recruiting. Are the Irish in the picture?

After finishing his junior season with 145 taclkes, Marvin Sapp, the 6'1 215lb MLB from Sandalwood HS in Jacksonville Fl. can't wait for his seniors football season to begin. "Our first game is Friday night" said Sapp. "Our defense is going to be really strong this year. Our offense is coming along. We have a new quarterback so the offense isn't perfect yet but it's coming along."

Recruiting seems to be coming along as well. "Everything is okay" Sapp said when asked how recruiting was. "I have a bunch of schools I'm looking at, but I want to make sure they are good academically before I go forward. Academics are very important to me so I have to be sure."

Sapp is favoring a school, and it just happens to be the school he's visiting this weekend. "Georgia Tech is in the lead, but I like North Carolina right now too. South Carolina is my third favorite" said Sapp.

Where is Notre Dame in the equation? "I use to get a lot of stuff from Notre Dame, but I haven't heard from them lately. I would look at Notre Dame if they showed more interest in me. I like their academics and that's important to me."

Sapp has a 3.5 GPA and scored a 980 on his SAT which he disappointed about. He plans to take the SAT again during the Fall to increase his score. Irisheyes will check back with Sapp to see how things have changed.

Comments: Sapp is leaning toward Georgia Tech and we wouldn't be surprised if he commits this weekend if he likes what he sees academically. It does not appear that Notre Dame has the talented Sapp high on their board for MLBs. Of course anything can change. We'll keep you updated. Top Stories