Parish Frustrated With Situation

Sophomore strong safety Freddie Parish was considered by many as the front-runner to start the season at strong safety for the Irish. The 6-0, 202-pound Redondo Beach (Calif) native was said to be running with the first team all of fall camp. However, last Saturday, sophomore Tom Zbikowski slid over from free safety to make his first start for the Irish at the strong safety position—something Parish doesn't seem very happy about.

Freddie Parish says he's disappointed that he didn't make his first start for the Irish on Saturday.

"For me personally, I guess they felt I wasn't ready," said Parish when asked why he didn't start against BYU.

"It's their decision. It's the coaches' decision. They felt they need the best players on the field and apparently that week, it wasn't me."

Parish also admitted that the depth chart hasn't changed at strong safety for this week.

"No, but I think I've had a lot more reps this week than I did last week," he said when asked if he was working as the starter this week.

The sophomore says the coaching staff feels he still has some work to do before he sees considerable playing time.

"Apparently, I lunge," said Parish on why he isn't playing. "I guess I lunge and maybe I need to know my assignments a little more and maybe--I don't know. Maybe that's what it is. And also, I don't know, maybe they don't think I make the best decisions on the field."

"That's what I thought too, so, you know, it comes as a surprise," said Parish when it was commented that he was said to be the leading candidate for the position. "I thought that too. I didn't feel the mistakes I was making, compared to the mistakes of everybody else, really separated anybody else from me. But I guess coaches see things different."

"I have no comment to that," was Parish's comments when told that the media had heard he requested a transfer from Notre Dame.

"When things go bad, it's easy for anybody to start questioning things," Parish continued. "Everybody has to try to stay focused and trust what the coaches have planned for us. When things are going wrong, everybody starts pointing fingers and what not. It's easy for people to think this and think that. I guess we have to stay on the coaches' course and trust in them and hopefully ride it out."

The former SuperPrep All-American said he's not confident he'll see a lot of time on the field this season.

"This year? Shoot, I have no idea. I hope so," Parish said when asked if we'd see him on the field. "I hope so. It depends on the coaches. It depends on whatever the coaches want, whatever the coaches see in me. If they feel I've grown into what they want me to be, by the end of the year, maybe I'll play. I hope so."

Parish was asked if he'd wait around all year without playing.

"No comment," Parish said.

Parish was also asked if he had any deadline before he became frustrated with his situation.

"At the end of the season, definitely, I'm going to try to work my best and try to play as much as I can and try to work hard until the end of the season," Parish said. "That's the bottom line." Top Stories