Trump Sets Tentative Irish Visit

Clearwater, Fla. offensive lineman A.J. Trump is still waiting for his first game of the season. Trump has been dodging hurricanes recently, but says he's ready for his season to begin. He's also schedule a tentative official visit to Notre Dame. We spoke with Trump to find out the latest on his recruitment.

A.J. Trump says he's excited to kick off his season this weekend.

"We haven't played a game yet," Trump said. "Our first game was canceled last week because of the hurricane."

We asked Trump what life has been like in Florida recently with all the hurricanes.

"We didn't get hit too bad," the offensive lineman said. "It's crazy to see trees bend. It's unbelievable because the wind is constant and it's not just a gust of wind. We haven't even had much of the flooding so we've been lucky.

(Hurricane) "Charlie" was headed right for us before it turned right before hitting us. That was reall scary. Sometimes you ask what you are doing living here. I was asking myself that when I was boarding up the windows and bring in all the plants."

Despite the natural disasters, Trump says his team has been able to practice some.

We practiced Friday," Trump said. "We missed a few from "Charlie" and a few from this last one. But, it hasn't been too bad. Hopefully we'll be ready to go."

Trump has seen the pace of recruiting pick up since September 1st.

"It hasn't been too bad," said the Clearwater, Fla. native. "The first night, I got seven calls. I've only had one since so I've been very pleased. All the schools I'm considering still called, plus a few others, so I'm really pleased with that."

The 6-4, 290-pound tackle prospect says he's also started working on setting up his official visits.

"I was planning on coming up to Notre Dame this weekend for the Michigan game, but coach Miles said it would be best if I waited so the coaches could spend more time with me," Trump said. "It looks like I'll be visiting Notre Dame on December 4th.

"I know I'm visiting Florida and Florida State. I might visit Florida during the season. The rest will probably be after my season. I was going to visit Florida State during the season, but they told me to hold off on that until after the season as well."

While Trump won't take official visits during his season, he'll like go and see some games.

"I was going to the Florida State/Miami game, but they moved to Friday and now I can't go," said Trump. "I'll go to a bunch of games this fall."

As for when he might make his choice on his school, Trump says it will likely come in January.

"It's pretty much between Notre Dame and Florida State," Trump said. "I can't see myself going anywhere else. But, I want to give the other teams a shot so I'll probably take a few official visits. I'll probably decide in January."

Comments: The Irish appear to be in good shape with Trump and his interest remains very high in Notre Dame. He doesn't appear to be close to deciding at this point so we expect this race to go deep into January. We'll keep an eye on him. Top Stories