More Quotes From Irish Players and Coaches

Here are some more quotes from Irish players and coaches after their big victory over Michigan on Saturday.

Defensive lineman Derek Landri

On everyone doubting they could win being a motivating factor.

"Everyone on this team knew what this team could do. Everyone on this team was upset about last week. It comes down to winning, and we knew we could do it, we knew all along.

On holding Michigan to three field goals in the first half.

"We know our defense is good enough where they shouldn't even had those three field goals. We held them, did what we did, and kept it going."

On seeing the offensive have success.

"We compliment each other. When the offense does good, that motivates us, when we do good, hopefully that motivates them."

On interior defensive line stopping the run.

"It's not just me, Greg (Pauly) and Trevor (Laws). It's (Justin) Tuck, Kyle (Budinscak) as well and our linebackers. We knew that coming in. Everyone was questioning how we could do with the run, and that's something we focused on all off-season."

On if they tried to confuse freshman quarterback Chad Henne

"No, you just try to hit him as hard as you can."

Defensive coordinator Kent Baer.

On the win.

"It's a big one. I just look at it as you've got to take it one at a time, and we just won that one. Now we've got to enjoy whatever is left of today and we go to work tomorrow on Michigan State.

On secondary play in the game.

"They did a really good job. I thought those guys came in and did a very good job against what I thought was a very efficient passing game."

On Preston Jackson's performance so far.

Preston played great today. Just watching him and some of the routes they gave us, he's really stepped up and become a good leader for us back there. I couldn't be more pleased. He does a good job. I feel comfortable when he's in there."

On the play of sophomore Tom Zbikowski

"He's made a lot of big plays. He's done a good job for us. He's got a lot to learn still. He learned some thing in that fourth quarter."

On his defense stopping the run.

"I've said our strength is our front seven, and I think we're pretty good at doing that, against an excellent running team. They've always been able to run the football. You play a classic Michigan game like that and you stop the run, you have a chance to win the football game when you do that."

Strong safety Tom Zbikowski

On making plays already as a strong safety.

"It's coaches helping a lot. That tipped ball should've been a pick. That's what the coaches were telling me to look for all week. I'm kind of disappointed about that, but this is a big win so you can't stay too disappointed."

On the big win.

"This is a big win. We're talking all week. They did it in '98 and 2002. We had the chip on our shoulder, but we're going to keep it on our shoulder the rest of the way. We just beat the No. 5 and No. 7 team. We can be a top 10 team by the end of the year."

Wide Receiver Carlyle Holiday

On the number 38.

"We felt like we left last year, Michigan Stadium, with a bad taste in our mouth. Just that score that itself, it really hurt us. This whole summer, fall camp, we just worked on it. That number 38 has always been on our minds."

On the feeling of seeing the fans rush out on the field after the game.

"It was great. Just to have to everybody run on the field, us being victorious, once again here against Michigan—it's always a great feeling. Just to come out with a win."

Defensive end Justin Tuck.

On if they wore Michigan down.

"I think we did. Coming into this week, a big thing for us, coaches preached being physical. As teammates, we looked in each other's eyes and we were like ‘we're going to give it our all today.'

On being physical.

"My hat goes off to Michigan--hell of a team. The most physical team won today and that was us."

On thinking about Michigan winning last year, and they were the most physical team.

"Last year they were, no doubt about it. I think this year we stepped up the challenge. There's a lot of negativity surrounding this team before this game. I think that fueled the fire. We had something to prove today."

On comments from Rocket Ismail saying this team had no playmakers.

"Rocket, I still love you, but I think that was the boiling over point. We saw it and that became a big issue for us. He said we had no playmakers. We'll let him look at the film and let him judge the playmakers on Sunday."

Linebacker Derek Curry.

On the defensive play.

"One of the things I love is that our coaches did a wonderful job of the game plan. We pretty much knew what they were going to do. They're tendencies were glaring and our coaches pointed them out to us and said ‘this is what they're going to do. Who's going to be more physical about getting it done.'"

On being more physical.

"That's one of the things we talked about all week is being physical. This game is a smash-mouth game. It's about who plays harder in the trenches wins the game. We knew we had to stop the run and defend the pass."

On 38

"38 was about us not getting the job done. It had nothing to do with an individual team. It's about getting the job done and everyone being accountable for what they had to do."

Offensive lineman Dan Stevenson.

On confidence level changing.

"I think we've been confident this entire time. We didn't click in Provo and today we started clicking. We've known since day one that we had a great team. I don't really know how much our confidence changed, the team played well, but I think we've always had a lot of confidence in ourselves."

On Darius Walker

"He's a great, young running back. He's eager to play, eager to learn. He reads holes very well and he's good at making guys miss. I think he showed that a lot. He saw where the holes were and he hit them."

On the running game today.

"I think we started clicking today. We really went out there and played hard. Everyone went out there and gave a great effort. Darius ran hard; all the running backs ran hard. We just put everything together today."

On what this win means for the offense.

"It builds a lot of momentum, but at the same time, you don't want to get too worked up about it because it is only one game. We've got to get our heads ready to go out and play our next game." Top Stories