Richardson Returns From Irish Victory

Wheaton, Ill. offensive lineman Dace Richardson is off to a pretty good start with his senior season. The 6-6, 300-pound Richardson also took in the Irish victory over Michigan on Saturday. We spoke with Richardson to find out the latest with his recruitment.

Wheaton, Ill. native Dace Richardson says his Warrenville South high school team is off to a good start so far this season.

"We are 3-0 right now," said Richardson. "We're playing pretty well. I hope that continues."

Richardson already has a ton of offers from many of the top programs across the country. The big offensive lineman says the month has already been hectic in regards to recruiting.

"I've received a lot of calls already," Richardson said. "I've talked to a a lot coaches so far. I've had some pretty good conversations. They're mostly just asking me about how my team is doing so far."

Richardson says he's hasn't set up any official visits at this point.

"I haven't done that yet," Richardson said. "I haven't started thinking about that. I'll start thinking about that soon."

He did visit Notre Dame this weekend, however, and said he we very impressed with their victory over Michigan.

"I had a lot of fun," Richardson said of his game experience. "The fans there were great. Some of them knew me so that was pretty cool. They were taking pictures of me. I was surprised by that."

We asked Richardson if he thought the Irish would win before the game began.

"I wanted them to win," said Richardson. "The way they were playing early, and how the crowd started picking them up, I knew they were going to win. The crowd really got into it."

The big offensive linemen said that this game was his first real big game experience, and it's something he knows he's going to love to be a part of when it's his turn to play.

"That was my first time going to a game like that--85,000 screaming fans," Richardson admitted. "I can get used to that. It was pretty wild."

Richardson also attended the game with teammate Anthony Moeaki, and sat with two other big offensive linemen in David Moosman and Dan Doering.

"We all sat together," Richardson said. "We had a great time. When they scored, the fans picked me and Dan Doering up and threw us up in the air 20 times."

We asked Richardson how the Notre Dame students picked these two 300-pounders up and threw them up in the air 20 times?

"I don't know, but they did it," he said. "I was surprised, but they did it."

Now that Richardson has experienced an Irish game, we asked if that move the Irish up on his list of favorites.

"Definitely," Richardson said. "Especially after going to a game. I loved the atmosphere. I really liked the players there. They're all really good guys. I like the coaching staff there. It definitely moves them up."

Next on the docket for Richardson is another visit to a college game.

"I know we're going to another game this weekend," Richardson said. "I really don't know where yet. We haven't really started talking about that. I'll go somewhere though."

Comments: The game experience certainly made a positive impression on Richardson. It sounds like the Irish have moved up on his favorites list. We don't think the Irish were that high on his list previously. We'll check back with Dace soon to see if he starts setting official visits. Top Stories