Moosman Impressed With Irish Victory

Libertyville, Ill. offensive lineman David Moosman has seen his Libertyville high school team get off to a fast start. The 6-4, 270-pound Moosman has also been busy with recruiting recently. The star offensive lineman recently returned from the Notre Dame-Michigan game and says he was very impressed with the Irish victory over the Wolverines on Saturday.

David Moosman says he's been a busy man with recruiting recently.

"I've received a lot of phone call so far," Moosman said. "I haven't set up any official visits yet. I'm not in any big hurry to do that right now."

Moosman did attend the Notre Dame-Michigan battle this past weekend and said he was very impressed with the game experience.

"They say any given Saturday," the big offensive lineman said. "I didn't look good after BYU, but they came out ready to play. We had a great time at the game. The crowd was really exciting to see."

Moosman said he enjoyed watching the game in front of the Notre Dame student section.

"Dace Richardson, Dan Doering and I all sat in about the third row in front of the student section," Moosman said. "We all know each other fairly well because we've attended these types of events together. We had a great time there.

"Notre Dame has so much history. It was a big game and the fans were up for it. It was a lot of fun."

Unfortunately, Moosman had to miss the end of the game.

"We didn't get to run on the field afterwards," Moosman said. "I had a prior commitment so I had to leave early. My dad and I listened to it on the radio and we were both saying how we should've stayed. I wish I could've been there for that."

Moosman doesn't plan to set his official visits any time soon, but we asked Moosman if he plans to visit Notre Dame.

"I'm definitely going to visit Notre Dame," he said. "They're definitely in my top five and I'm going to visit everyone in my top five."

We asked Moosman if the game experience improved Notre Dame's chances of signing him.

"Definitely," said Moosman. "They beat a competitor on the list."

Notre Dame is not the only place Moosman plans to take in a game. The Libertyville, Ill. native says he plans on going to see at least one other game this fall.

"I'll go to a game at Iowa this year," he said. "I'm not sure when yet. I think I'll also make it up for a Michigan game. I haven't set concrete dates for those yet."

Comments: The Irish victory also made a positive impression on Moosman. He's always had a pretty strong interest in Notre Dame, but the game experience certainly helped cement that. Moosman doesn't plan to set his visits for awhile so we'll have to check back in a month or so and see if he starts scheduling his official visits. Top Stories